Seoul Tour Guide – Top Things to Do in Hongdae

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Hongdae neighborhood

The Hongdae neighborhood is known as a hip, young and creative part of Seoul. Its name is derived from the Hong-Ik University, a university known for its arts program. This neighborhood grew and developed into a hive of creativity and underground culture. If you are traveling to Seoul and are wondering what to do in this area, 셀프스토리지,you’re in the right place! Here are some of the top things to do in Hongdae.

Gyeonghuigung palace

If you’ve been to Seoul, you’ve probably heard about the Royal Palace, but Gyeonghuigung is one of the youngest and least visited. It’s also tucked away behind the Seoul Museum of History, hidden behind the Heunghwamun Gate. Although it’s painted green and gold, the gate doesn’t reveal much about the palace. However, if you’re curious about how it was built, read on to find out how to visit this palace.

Namsangol village

The Namsangol Hanok Village, also known as the Village of Traditional Houses in Namsan Valley, is a popular tourist destination in Seoul. The village is situated in the Pil-dong neighborhood, a central district of the city. It is home to dozens of traditional houses that date back centuries. Here, you can see how traditional Korean houses were built, including their unique styles. While you are there, you can take a walk through the village and experience the traditional culture of the Korean people.


If you are interested in a city tour of South Korea, you may want to consider visiting Gyeongju. The city has many tourist attractions and is a convenient stop for travelers from Seoul. The transport system in South Korea is well-developed, making it easy to get around. While you can use public transportation to get around Seoul and Gyeongju, it’s much more convenient to drive yourself. The public transportation system in Seoul is largely reliable, and the buses are clean and efficient.

Mt. Seorak national park

Mt. Seorak, also known as “big snow mountain”, is the third highest mountain in South Korea. Its peak rises 1,708 meters above sea level and is accessible by cable car. The cable car departs every seven minutes and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the journey. Aside from the mountain’s spectacular views, Mt. Seorak is also home to semi-moon chest bears and ruins of a fortress.

Fashion week

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Namsan mountain

You’ll enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul from Namsan Mountain, a 262-meter-high mountain in the heart of Seoul. To reach the mountain, you can take the cable car from Namsan Station (Chungmuro Station) or take a slanted elevator, Namsan Orumi. The cable car departs from Chungmuro Station and Dongguk University Station. If you prefer to walk, you can also find a number of hiking trails.