Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Seoul Tour Guide

There are many reasons to hire a Seoul tour guide. Not only will they take you to the most interesting places in the city, but they’ll also ensure that you don’t miss anything important. This article will highlight some of the top reasons to hire a guide. Listed below are a few of the most important ones. Having one will make your vacation a lot more enjoyable! And who says that you can’t have an experience of a lifetime while in Seoul?

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Taking a tour of Seoul’s landmarks should be on your itinerary, and a visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of those destinations. While the palace is stunning, there are many things to do in Seoul before you head there. While you’re there, you’ll want to take some pictures of the palace grounds. A Seoul tour guide to Gyeongbokgung Palace is the best option, as it allows you to explore all the main sites and avoid wasting your time with unnecessary information.셀프스토리지

The first building of the palace was constructed in 1395, and was a hub of government and culture during the Joseon Dynasty. The palace’s name, “Palace Greatly Blessing of Heaven,” is a fitting translation. It was damaged during the Japanese invasion in the early 1590s, and the rulers of Korea abandoned it for several centuries. But King Gojong began the restoration process during his reign (1852-1919), and the palace was reconstructed.

Noryangjin Fish Market

A tour of the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul is a great way to learn about local culture and enjoy the city’s many attractions. The market itself is massive and wholesale, with hundreds of different kinds of fish & seafood for sale. With a Seoul tour guide, you can easily navigate your way through the market. While you are there, check out some of the sights and sounds of Seoul, such as the iconic Blue House and the enchanting Noryangjin Temple.

The Noryangjin Fish Market is an absolute must for any visitor to Seoul. This popular seafood market first opened in 1927, and was moved to its current location in 1971. Today, it trades in 300 tons of marine products every day, and you’ll be able to watch live fish auctions and sample a wide variety of seafood from the many vendors. When you visit, be sure to bring a dressy pair of shoes for the market.

Sulhwasoo cosmetics company

Visiting the headquarters of a South Korean cosmetics company is a great way to learn more about their products. Sulwhasoo’s focus is on holistic skincare, which emphasizes the importance of a balance between the mind and body. Visitors are encouraged to experience the company’s luxurious SPA treatments. They offer customized products and good service. Here is a look at their production process.셀프스토리지

The Sulwhasoo cosmetics company is a luxury cosmetics brand that began in 1966. Its skincare products contain herbal medicinal ingredients like ginseng, which is native to Korea. Camellia oil and ginseng are also used in its products. The company’s products are widely distributed in Korea and abroad, including the United States, Canada, and France. Its founder, Suh Sung Whan, is credited with inventing the ABC Ginseng Cream.