3 Qualities of Good Design

Good design is more than reducing engineering costs. It is about forming plans for products people need, want, and like. A well-designed product will increase sales and market value. Good design can help you reduce engineering costs and improve your company’s bottom line. Here are some of the main qualities of good design. Here are three important design principles:

It is a problem solving approach

In a design process, students are introduced to a conceptual framework and are encouraged to apply high-level thinking and inquiry skills in solving problems. This process can be taught to students to develop a life-long skill in problem solving. It begins with defining the problem and moves through each step to arrive at a logical solution. It can be used in both education and business. Several studies have shown that students who use a design process have higher test scores and are more likely to apply the skills learned.

It involves co-creation with users

Co-creation with users is a powerful strategy for product innovation. Designing with users in mind is like hiring a co-pilot for the project. It involves spending time with the users to understand their needs and challenges, brainstorm ideas, and develop concepts and rapid prototypes. Yet most companies are reluctant to incorporate co-creation into their product development process. Here’s how co-creation can improve your business.

It involves aesthetics

Aesthetics is a key component of design. It is a set of principles based on which we judge design. Our judgments of design aesthetics involve several neural mechanisms, including cognitive, emotional, reward, and embodied experiences. Carl Gustav Jung argued that aesthetics originates from our collective unconscious. This young field of neurodesign is currently exploring how aesthetics is related to cognitive processing. This study is one of many examples of how aesthetics can be involved in design.