3 Tips For Enjoying a Meeting

Whether you’re the meeting leader or a participant, you can make any meeting more productive with a few tricks. Try disarming a speaker, switching camera focus, or letting the audience take the stage. Here are three of my favorite tips for making your meeting more dynamic. You’ll be surprised by how much better it will turn out than you could have imagined! Hopefully you’ll be able to apply them to your next meeting!

Video clips

When using your computer to present a video clip, you will want to share the audio from the clip as well. Click the blue share button to start the screen sharing. The screen sharing will start from the start point and should be surrounded by a green frame. Once you have finished sharing your video, it is time to share it with your meeting attendees. This can be done as quickly as possible or in advance of a meeting.

When sharing a video clip during a synchronous meeting, keep in mind that it can tax the internet connection and the computer processor, so it might be better to share the content asynchronously. Screen sharing videos sometimes have trouble running on built-in media players on PCs and Macs. In such cases, Zoom recommends that users use VLC media player to view screen sharing videos. When you do use the screen sharing feature, make sure you use the latest version of your media player.

Disarming a speaker

The key to disarming a difficult person is to approach them with empathy. This means putting yourself in their position. Think about what they’re feeling and make it clear that you understand. Never assume that someone is deliberately trying to hurt you or get revenge. If you do not share this attitude, you will find yourself with many unpleasant conversations later on. Ultimately, disarming a difficult person will make you more influential.

If a heckler continues to disrupt your session, listen to their concerns before shutting them out. Leaving them unheard will activate a deeper need to be heard. Listening to them out of their frustration will disarm them and make them feel heard. Disarming a speaker before enjoying a meeting involves a few simple strategies. You can ask them if they’d like to talk to you afterwards.

Changing the camera focus

Have you ever tried to change the camera focus while enjoying a meeting? If yes, you’re not alone. Changing the focus is a common problem that makes meetings less enjoyable. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix! You can now simply disable Smart Focus while a meeting is underway. You can manage the focus on Zoom from the portal. This way, you can control the camera on the fly.


When planning your next meeting, you may want to think about the type of activities that will keep the attendees engaged and interested. One great way to do so is to create an assembly channel, which allows you to share some fun facts about the team. In this way, everyone will have a chance to know each other better and spark conversation. One way to make the event even more fun is to invite people to participate in a virtual ‘background exercise.’

Avoiding tangent ideas

One of the most frustrating aspects of attending a meeting is the inevitable tangent. These tangents diverge from the original purpose of a meeting or discussion, and they can cost a team hours of valuable time. A great way to avoid tangents is to recognize them in the early stages of a meeting and gently steer the discussion back on track by asking if the tangent can be discussed later. Similarly, it is best to keep the tangent banter brief.

In order to avoid tangents during a meeting, everyone should follow the ground rules and stick to them. This will help minimize interruptions and distractions. Make sure everyone knows the rules and reminds them to follow them. Having clear rules in place also helps the entire group to be engaged. Avoiding tangent ideas can make all the difference in the world in a meeting. Just remember, a meeting should be conducive to productive work, not to create chaos.