5 Factors to Consider Before You Start Your Own Self Storage Business

The industry of self storage is a business that rents out storage space and units to individuals and businesses. Some of the most common types of customers are college students, tourists, and business people. Students, for example, often use self storage as a place to keep their books, bicycles, and other items. The popularity of this type of storage has led many to open their own self storage business. However, before you start your own self storage company, you should be aware of some important factors.

Self-storage is a popular option for college students

Self-storage is a great solution for college students. While most college students go home for the summer to study and have some downtime, others travel and explore job opportunities. In any case, students must find a new place to live for the coming year. For students who are moving back to their hometown to save money on housing, a self-storage unit is an excellent solution. The storage unit can be used as additional living space when traveling, or as an alternative to a full apartment.

Many college students also need to rent a storage unit when they move out of their dorm room. After all, students have more things to store now than they did when they left home! Even if they move back home in a few months, the storage facility can help them get ready for the move. The flexibility of a self-storage unit makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for college students.


Traveling by foot is the best way to explore the city, and storing your belongings in a self storage facility will make this a breeze. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, these are often small and can be packed into a suitcase – which means more room for food and souvenirs! But what if you have more than a suitcase? Fortunately, there are many modern storage facilities available that provide travelers with the flexibility they need without the high price tag.

Business customers

The traditional definition of the self storage market is a one, three, or five-mile radius around the store. However, this market does not follow the same fabric as a standard circle on a map, and people travel in different patterns. In addition, their socio-economic circumstances may also present barriers to future business. By focusing on the needs of younger customers, self-storage operators can increase their bottom line while building long-term customer relationships.

Besides offering competitive rates, you can also target local businesses by establishing partnerships with local businesses. You can offer discounts and referral incentives, and you can even sponsor a community cause. To encourage new business, you can offer a referral incentive, like a free month of storage to those who refer a friend. It’s important to note that you cannot give away the free month without first verifying that the referral is genuinely serious about moving into your self storage facility.


Moving out of home is one of the most stressful parts of university, and self storage is a convenient solution. Whether you’re going abroad for the summer or relocating for the fall, self storage allows you to store your items close to campus. Students can rent varying-sized units to store their items. Then, when they are ready to move, they can easily retrieve them. These storage facilities also offer climate-controlled space, which will ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

Students can find a self storage unit that suits their needs at a reasonable price. Some companies offer special offers for students. Big Yellow, for example, has PS50 van hire, 50% off new customers, and 50% off your next bill if you refer friends. They also offer large units that can accommodate a lot of furniture. They do require a seven-day notice to remove the units. They also require payment up front, so make sure you plan ahead.


Downsizing your home can be a challenge, but there are several benefits to consider. Many people decide to downsize, freeing up time and space. By renting out a storage unit, you won’t have to clean, organize, and spend valuable time looking for items you no longer use. Whether you’re moving out of state or downsizing to save money, a self storage unit will give you the freedom and space you need.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult. Often, people are downsizing temporarily or after a bigger move. They may have accumulated large appliances and furniture, but no room to put them on display. Another reason to consider self storage is to save money on moving and packing services. You can use your savings for travel instead of paying rent. If you’re planning to move within a year or two, self storage can make the transition smoother and less stressful.