5 Tips For Renting a Warehouse in Belgium

If you’re planning to rent a warehouse in Belgium, you’re not alone. The demand for space has increased rapidly in the past decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added to this growth. In addition, businesses are now required to hold strategic stocks to meet increased demand for goods. But how can you find a good location for a warehouse? Listed below are a few tips for choosing a location.

Roosendaal warehouse

A small warehouse in Roosendaal, Belgium, can be huge by comparison. It covers an area of 20,000 square metres, or about the size of 75 tennis courts. The entire warehouse is automated using robotics. At any given time, up to 65 robots are at work on the warehouse floor, bringing empty boxes to a human worker. The remaining 40 robots ride on a track seven metres above the ground, where they pick up the items that human workers need from compartments.

The Roosendaal warehouse is the newest addition to the group’s e-commerce logistics portfolio. This new facility combines human workers with robots to prepare thousands of shipments for online stores. The Roosendaal warehouse will eventually open a branch in the country, which further cements the company’s presence in the Belgian logistics market. Until then, the bpost group will continue to expand its services in Belgium.

Ilomar Holding N.V.

Louis Dreyfus Commodities has completed the acquisition of Belgian warehousing company Ilomar Holding N.V. The company operates in Belgium, Spain, Vietnam, and the United States and offers a full range of supply chain management and logistics services. The companies plan to expand their fixed asset base through the acquisition of Ilomar. However, before the acquisition can take effect, Louis Dreyfus Commodities must first close a number of existing transactions.

The company owns 4STOX trademark, which is used in the coffee, cocoa, tea, and precious metals trade. This company has also diversified into other markets, including transport, packaging, and storage of goods. Its recent acquisitions have boosted its stock value by approximately 30%. ABN AMRO acted as the sole financial adviser for the transaction. However, the company has not disclosed any financial details.

Naxco Belgium

The Naxco Group is expanding its operations into Belgium with the merger of Sotramar & De Keyser and DAS Logistics. Naxco Belgium currently employs 42 people and is based in Antwerp and Brucargo-Zaventem. The company collaborates with an international agent network and aims to generate a combined annual turnover of EUR35 million. In addition to expanding its operations throughout Belgium, Naxco is planning to launch Naxco France in the near future.

In Belgium, the logistics sector is booming. In addition to the existing warehouses, 600,000 square meters will be built this year. Rents are rising and warehouse space is in great demand. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for strategic stocks, which will continue to increase the demand for warehouse space. Increasing e-commerce has also created a demand for space. The country will soon have a shortage of available space.

Keiberg business park near Brussels airport

The Keiberg business park is a popular choice for companies looking for space near the Brussels airport. The area has been a prime location for business and industry for over 60 years. The location was selected by local people, who questioned the Germans’ decision to build an airport in such a foggy location. In fact, this area was chosen by the Germans because it had been a prime location for aviation during the Second World War.

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