5 Tips For Stair Cleaning

Cleaning stairs is a tedious job. Keeping them clean on a regular basis will reduce the amount of time you spend scrubbing. Frequent cleaning will also keep buildup and stubborn stains at bay. Here are some tips for cleaning stairs:

Getting rid of pet hair

Getting rid of pet hair from stairs is a lot like getting rid of dirt and hair from a flat surface. To remove dog hair from stairs, start by brushing the stairs from the corners to the center. Using a wet or dry sponge, gently pull the hair toward you. Once you have reached the center, you can vacuum the stairs using a pet attachment. This method works well on carpets that have short piles.

Cleaning stair railings

Cleaning stair railings can be a hassle, especially if you live in an apartment building where many people use the stairs. It is also a taxing job if your building has a lot of traffic. To clean the railings effectively, you should start at the top and work your way down. To do this, you can use the cleaning supplies provided by the manufacturers of the railings. You can use a mild cleaning agent such as hydrogen peroxide.

Cleaning banisters

If you are doing stair cleaning at home, you will want to make sure to clean your banisters as well. They should be cleaned daily and in high-traffic areas, you may have to do this more than once a day. If you find that your banisters become sticky after you dust them, you may want to invest in a good disinfectant to get rid of the germs and bacteria.

Cleaning carpeted stairs

You may have heard about the importance of cleaning carpeted stairs regularly, but did you know that the stairs also receive a lot of traffic? This means that they need regular cleaning to remain clean and healthy. To do so, you can use a carpet shampoo or other cleaning solution that is easy to mix with water. If you do not own a carpet cleaning machine, you can buy a commercial-grade machine for this task. If you don’t want to spend money on a professional machine, you can do a hand scrub. This will take longer, but is perfect for spot cleaning.

Keeping stairs clear of debris

One of the first things that you should do after you’ve finished vacuuming your stairs is to inspect them for debris. Dust and other debris that accumulates on stairs should be swept up regularly. Check the railings and banisters for loose parts and secure the safety gates. If these are not secure, children may push the gate through the opening and fall down the stairs. Here are some easy tips that you can use to keep your stairs clean.

Keeping stairs clean

Keeping stairs clean is not just about hygiene, it is also about preserving their beauty and prolonging their useful life. A clean staircase is the letter of presentation of the cleanliness of a building or house. So, how do you keep stairs clean? Keep reading to learn how! You’ll be glad you did! Read on for tips that will help you keep your stairs clean and pristine. Listed below are some of the steps that you can take to keep your stairs clean.

Getting a professional stair cleaner

If your stairs are covered in carpet, you’ll want to consider getting a professional stair cleaner to clean them for you. The carpet on stairs is a porous material that will retain water for about 20 minutes after it is cleaned. This can lead to mold and bacteria developing over time. You can also use an absorbent towel to help the carpet dry faster. Carpet is a great choice for stairs because it reduces slipping hazards and improves the look of the staircase. A professional cleaner will charge between $3 and $5 per stair.