A Brazil Apartment Basement With a Swimming Pool

A Brazil apartment may have an unexpected use. Its garage is below street level, thereby allowing it to be a pool extension of the living and dining areas. Other features include a private garden, ample circulation space, and a large bathroom. One apartment even has a swimming pool! Read on to learn more. Below-grade living can be very practical for families, too, as it can double as a second bedroom. Here are some tips for choosing a Brazil apartment.

The garage is located on a lower level than the street

A unique feature of this house in Brazil is its position on a lower level. The garage, in this case, is on a lower level than the street. The upper floor is elevated, thereby allowing for appropriate spans. The ground floor is occupied by a pool, which extends into the living and dining areas. This type of structure has a distinctive look and is a unique combination of function and style.

The pool is located on the ground floor as an extension of the living and dining areas

The swimming pool is a feature of the Brazilian apartment. The glass wall creates a unique aquarium-like effect, and the interior portion of the swimming pool is fitted with expansive glass walls. The pool is surrounded by a fully-equipped gym. There is a home theater room, too, as well as a cinema room. The interiors of the villa feature several iconic pieces by Brazilian designer Jorge Zalsupin and traditional crafts from Brazilian artisans. Warm tones and natural fibers are emphasized throughout the house, and vertical lines fuse the architecture and interior design.

The pool is an extension of the living and dining areas

The pool is an extension of the living and entertaining areas in this Brazilian home. The pool is surrounded by concrete flooring, a grassy platform, and a geometric pool. The pool house kitchen opens onto the swimming area. The living room is furnished with mostly Brazilian art, including works by Ernesto Neto, Edgard de Souza, Manoel Rio Branco, and Tunga. The living room also features furniture designed by late great Brazilian modernists, such as the Jangada armchairs by Jean Gillon and a dining table by Joaquim Tenreiro. The wooden bench on the terrace is by Hugo Franca.

The Brazilian apartment features a swimming pool tucked into the basement courtyard. Its architect installed a 10m long pool in the apartment’s courtyard, allowing it to serve as an extension of the living and dining spaces above. The pool is accessible through the exterior garden, and is also accessible from the home’s gym on the upper level. The swimming pool is protected by an 8cm-thick sandwich of glass panels, held together by a high-technology structural membrane.