Architectslab Converts a 1920s Belgium Apartment Warehouse

Architectslab recently completed the conversion of a 1920s Pyrex depot in Molenbeek, Belgium. In the process, the architects removed an old elevator and replaced it with a communal courtyard. They also restored the original elevator and removed a piece of the building that had become damaged, allowing for a more open plan, with communal spaces and courtyards in the centre of the complex. The project also aims to preserve the integrity of the old building by integrating new elements like solar panels.

Modern loft in Brussels, Belgium by SHSH architects

In this stunning modern loft in Brussels, Belgium, SHSH Architecture + Scenography transformed a former warehouse into a cosy home. Inspired by the sea, the architects divided the space into three separate island-like volumes and included architectural details such as a swing. The interior is filled with natural light and features an open floor plan with multiple levels and a terrace with a view over the city. The loft’s design is an exploration of colors and textures.

Despite the urban-rural context of Brussels, the city’s historic center is a beautiful place to live. The city is divided into 19 communes, each with its own architectural style. The historic center is characterized by a pentagon-shaped inner ring road and a range of elegant buildings. The chic Sablon neighbourhood is home to fashionable café-socialites and antique dealers. Artists and creative types flock to the area around the Brussels-Charleroi Canal, where the old warehouses have been converted into modern loft apartments.

The interior space is a 100 square meter space that was designed with a tight budget. The designers chose carefully crafted furniture that would preserve the cross-spaces and bring depth to the views. The loft’s central volume is a striking focal point, a sculptural element that evokes the separation of two distinct spaces. This is accomplished by utilizing a series of furniture, including a sofa and an armchair.

Architectslab removed a damaged piece of the building to create a communal courtyard

The redevelopment of an old Pyrex depot in Molenbeek, Belgium, by collaborative design firm Architectslab, has brought new life to the space. Originally consisting of two concrete warehouses and a townhouse, the site was once a warehouse for the pyrex company. Architectslab restored the historic buildings and converted them into modern apartments by removing a damaged piece to create a communal courtyard. The renovation of the warehouses included the addition of two new buildings and a newly-renovated elevator, as well as parquet, granite floors, panelling, and stucco.