Art Storage Systems – How to Choose the Right One For Your Art Collection

You’ve probably heard of Spacesaver Art Racks, but what about freeport, Curatorial, and Uovo? Here are a few tips to help you select the best art storage system for your needs. You can also read our review of Freeport. And don’t forget to check out our other articles on art storage racks! We’ve rounded up the pros and cons of each system and provided a comparison chart.

Spacesaver Art Racks

If you’re looking for an efficient and safe way to store your artwork, Spacesaver Art Racks for art collection storage are a great option. Spacesaver’s art storage racks are suspended from the ceiling and feature condensed pegboard storage. You can customize your space by choosing different configurations, including one that is custom-sized for your art collection. Or, you can opt for the modular pull-out racks. These can be moved around or stacked against one another.


New York-based art storage company Uovo Fine Art Storage specializes in safeguarding archival collections, high-value art, and fashion and interior design collections. Whether your collection is in a museum, a private residence, or you’re simply looking for safe storage, Uovo is the place to turn. Their team of experts can help you find the best solution for your unique situation. In addition, Uovo’s services can help you store your own collection, too!


While most art museums and collectors store their prized works in museum galleries or at home, the ideal environment for storing your precious art pieces is a climate-controlled vault. Because of the wide variation in temperature, humidity and air quality, art objects must be well-packaged. The material used to wrap art objects should be non-acidic, pH-neutral, and moisture-resistant. When you’re storing your art in a vault, be sure to store it properly, as any little variation could lead to mold growth or metal corrosion.


Due to the recent increases in US tariffs on antiques and art, demand for Freeport art storage in New York is surging. Both collectors and dealers are attempting to find a tax-free storage option to ensure that their artworks are protected. President Donald Trump recently imposed new tariffs on imported Chinese art. Moreover, the World Trade Organisation said the US could impose new tariffs on European goods. In addition, German lithographs and photographs are now subject to an additional 25% tax.

Customs bonded warehouses

A bonded warehouse for art storage is a facility that operates under strict rules and regulations, which are often more stringent than those for Freeports. Among these regulations, there is a requirement that all artworks be stored within the warehouse for at least five years. These goods cannot be restored or sold while stored in a bonded warehouse, as they would be allowed to do in a Freeport.

Acid-free framing

When it comes to art storage, one important consideration is whether or not to use acid-free framing materials. Frames made of acidic materials can actually damage the paper. Regular tape and cardboard can deteriorate paper, and they can also affect the canvas. This browning and deterioration of the paper is known as acid burn. Here are some tips to keep your work of art in great condition.

Latex or cotton gloves

If you’re storing artwork, you should consider investing in a pair of latex or cotton gloves. Latex is non-reactive and is best for work involving toxic or drying materials. Its smooth surface and seams make it easy to grip objects, and it comes in a standard one-size-fits-all design. A plus-size model is also available. These gloves are great for storing your paintings and other works of art.


Artists use Glassine-paper as a storage option for paintings, drawings, and photographs. The smooth, transparent surface of Glassine is acid-free, pH neutral, and lightweight. It also doesn’t abrade or scratch delicate drawings or paintings. This environmentally-friendly alternative to wax paper, foils, and plastics is great for protecting your art works. Plus, it’s made right in the USA.