Benefits of POWERLINK

POWERLINK is an industrial Ethernet solution with 100% compliance to the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. It is a software-based solution and suitable for applications that have hard real-time requirements. Moreover, it is a platform for programmatic native advertising. This article will discuss the benefits of POWERLINK. After reading this article, you will be able to determine if this industrial Ethernet solution is the right one for your needs. Also, you will learn why POWERLINK is an ideal fit for your needs.

POWERLINK is a software-based industrial Ethernet solution

POWERLINK is a software-based Industrial Ethernet solution that can be used on any hardware platform. It provides clear benefits for the communication of safety-critical data. This software is complemented by an openSAFETY security protocol that separates safety-critical data into two subframes based on checksums. Depending on the safety function of the network, separate safety control is required. Moreover, it enables parallel coexistence of both safe and non-safe participants on the same POWERLINK network, and they can exchange data that is not relevant to the safety function of the network.

POWERLINK communication occurs over an organized roundtable discussion where each participant speaks at specific times. This prevents the occurrence of conflicting opinions and eliminates the need for arbitration. This solution uses IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards and a time-slot protocol to prevent packet jitter. POWERLINK also allows you to integrate multiple networks and fieldbuses. Furthermore, it offers a flexible architecture that integrates different networks.

It is 100% compliant with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard

POWERLINK is a software-based protocol that is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. Its standardized design and lack of proprietary hardware ensure the benefits of Ethernet technology. It allows users to continue using standardized hardware components and diagnostics tools. POWERLINK works on a publish/subscribe protocol and uses mixed polling and time-slot procedures. It also supports isochronous data communication for motion applications.

The IEEE introduced the 802.3 Ethernet standard in 1983. The standard is named after the committee that created the protocol. It differs from Ethernet Version 2 in the frame layout. It starts with an eight-byte preamble to synchronize incoming data. The next two fields are the Source and Destination MAC addresses, each of which is six bytes. The SNAP header follows these two fields.

It is suitable for applications with hard real-time requirements

POWERLINK is a software-based Industrial Ethernet solution that integrates the communication tasks of modern automation applications. Powerlink uses the CANopen DS301 communication profile, making it suitable for a wide range of process industry and machine engineering applications. The POWERLINK data link layer ensures determinism in hard real-time communication. Powerlink can connect multiple devices, avoiding the synchronization problem associated with TCP/IP.

The open-source version of Ethernet POWERLINK complies with standard Ethernet features. Its non-proprietary design allows users to choose network topologies that best meet their needs. POWERLINK is designed for applications that require “hard” real-time performance where signal propagation delays must be within a specific time frame. This technology is especially suitable for motion-control applications where real-time visualizations are a must. Pepperl+Fuchs offers optical data couplers and absolute rotary encoders for these applications.

It is a platform for programmatic native advertising

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