Benefits of PowerLinks and CompactCom 40-Series Powerlinks

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SRAM PowerLinks

The SRAM PowerLink is the master link used in most SRAM chain sets. These master links are made up of two parts: an outer plate and a pin. Each pin latches into a hole in the opposite half of the Powerlink. These pins also have “heads” that sit in an inset in the other plate. When removing a Powerlink, the head must be pressed inward.

SRAM PowerLinks are compatible with SRAM’s 9, 10, and 11 speed chains. Unlike some other chain joining links, SRAM PowerLinks can be opened and closed multiple times. A chain can last for many years with a PowerLink. But if you regularly have to repair your chain, you can buy the PowerLink chain. It’s ideal for road and mountain bike use, as it allows you to change chain lengths without tools.

SRAM PowerLocks

SRAM PowerLocks are tools-free, chain-connector attachments for 11-speed bicycle chains. These attachments are secure and prevent chain mishaps. PowerLocks are sold in packs of four. The SRAM PowerLock chain connector is not reopenable. It should only be opened once. It should last the life of the chain. If you’re concerned about the durability of your bike chain, consider SRAM PowerLocks.

The PowerLock connector is the best choice for road cycling, as it allows chain assembly without tools. It also comes with a variety of colors and materials. PowerLocks are compatible with Masterlink chains. However, SRAM may change the color and weight of these connectors without notice. As a result, SRAM recommends that you check the manufacturer’s website for the latest information. This way, you’ll be able to avoid purchasing a chain that doesn’t fit your bike.

SRAM CompactCom 40-series

Industrial applications requiring Ethernet powerlink connectivity can benefit from SRAM CompactCom 40-series products from HMS Industrial Networks. These products provide high-speed communication between host devices and Powerlinks. They are available in three different formats and feature the same software interface. To learn more, contact SRAM for a demo. Here are some benefits of CompactCom 40-series powerlinks:

SRAM Anybus NP40 network processor

The Anybus NP40 network processor is a single chip embedded in industrial Ethernet devices. It incorporates an ARM core for processing data, an FPGA fabric for implementing real-time Ethernet interfaces, and a flash-based network processor. The Anybus NP40 supports synchronous cyclic messaging for real-time networks. The network processor is compatible with several industrial Ethernet networks.

It supports all major Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. Device manufacturers can choose from a variety of configuration options to suit their needs. NP40’s low latency and zero delay between host API and network makes life easier for device manufacturers. High-performance applications are supported by the chip’s rich feature set. NP40 technology enables flexible network and device integration in powerlinks. The chips are compatible with any industrial network, including POWERLINK.