Beware of Ride

Beware of Ride is a collection of horse-themed t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies. Each design is created by an independent artist and printed on high quality products using environmentally friendly and socially responsible processes. With every purchase, you are directly supporting the artist and the cause. The artwork depicts the horse’s behavior in different scenarios. Whether you’re riding a horse for pleasure or for business, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting a cause that supports the arts and promotes a positive change.

Beware I Ride Horses

Every piece of Beware I Ride Horses merchandise is designed by an independent artist. Each piece is printed one at a time on high quality products using socially responsible practices. With every purchase, you help put money back in the artist’s pocket. You can support this effort by buying a shirt, t-shirt, or other merchandise. And, with the help of our affiliate program, you can purchase items for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

Red Riding Hood

The popular children’s book Red Riding Hood is brought to life in Nightmares & Fairy Tales No. 8. This adaptation of the classic story centers around the story’s heroine, Luna. While she struggles with the villagers’ disdain of wolves, Luna develops a friendship with a young man who accompanies her on her journey to her grandmother’s house. But before she gets to her grandmother, Luna meets her former lover, a werewolf.

Tolovaj, a scholar of children’s literature, enjoys exploring fairy tales. The Little Red Riding Hood story is perhaps the most well-known fairy tale, and she has explored it in a variety of ways, including through retellings and modern interpretations. The tale’s timeless theme of good versus evil, hope and second chances has inspired countless variations, including several novels and short stories.

A musical adaptation of the story’s heroine, Red Riding Hood, has been produced as a teen-friendly film, and the story was used for a popular e-book. She also appears in the acclaimed Into the Woods movie. Lilla Crawford plays the title role in the film. Red Riding Hood is also a main character in the 2014 movie adaptation of the classic fairy tale.


It’s a familiar story: Father Solomon, famed werewolf hunter, warns everyone that the werewolf lurking in their village may be you! As the moon rises, the death toll increases. But this time, the werewolf might be closer than you think. And he might even be the one you love. Valerie has a special connection to this werewolf. This makes her his bait.

While the original story is told in French, many modern versions have the Wolf as a werewolf. Until recently, it was illegal to kill someone who claimed to be a werewolf, and people in France would burn them at the stake if they were caught. But Perrault’s story is about a man who is lecherous, and his wolf represents that trait. His movie is fun, intelligent, and sexy. It also features DTS sound.

A werewolf named David has been roaming the town. After killing Lucie, he also kills her boyfriend, Adrien. However, the villagers mistakenly believe him to be a werewolf, and kill the grey wolf they thought was a werewolf. This, however, leads to a bloody incident that leaves everyone in awe. Luckily, the wolf has not yet turned on David, but he still has the power to kill.