Bicycle Accessories

The world market for bicycle accessories is dominated by manufacturers from GCC countries and Israel. These products are manufactured by renowned international companies and are selected for quality, reliability and technical specifications. Every item and part is manufactured and inspected by experts. They bear the European Standard mark and the Israeli Standard mark to prove their high quality and reliability. The market growth in these regions is largely due to the growing demand for customized products. The following are some of the major items that can help you customize your bicycle.

Cycling mirrors

Bike mirrors are an important accessory to have on your bicycle. They are inexpensive, provide a clear view of the road ahead, and can help you avoid swerving in the wrong direction. The BM-45 bike mirror can be attached to nearly any handlebar and eliminates distortion. A cyclist must simply shake the mirror’s front to adjust the angle. This accessory can make the difference between safety and a bike accident.

Water bottle caddies

Buying a water bottle holder for bicycles is a great way to keep your beverage close to you, but it can also pose some challenges. Fortunately, there are a few easy-to-use tools that make this a breeze. And if you’re not the DIY type, a water bottle holder can be removed easily when you’re done. If you’re considering buying a water bottle holder for bicycles, there are a number of different types to choose from.

Reflective gear

Among the bicycle accessories you may be considering is reflective gear. Reflective gear helps cyclists stay visible in the dark. This type of gear comes in several forms. One type is eye-grabbing, which has reflective material all the way down the zip, waist, and arms of the bicycle. The reflective strips make you easily visible even from the side. Another type is reflective clothing, which comes in a variety of colors. Both are great for night riding and running, and are very effective in enhancing visibility.

If you’re planning to ride on wet and muddy roads, consider buying fenders for your bicycle. These bicycle accessories will protect your bike against road spray, but they’re not quite as functional as they should be. Many bicycle fenders do not extend as far as they should, leaving them susceptible to damage when they hit a curb. Fenders should be at least 6 inches long and extend well below the “equator” of the front wheel, but you can also buy rear fenders that come with a mudflap.

Dry lube

When you’re preparing to take your bike for a ride, it’s essential to prepare the components that make up the bicycle’s drivetrain. A dry lube can reduce pedaling friction by forming a dry wax-like film. Moreover, dry lubes do not absorb dirt or grit, making them an ideal choice for both on and off-road conditions. Many road and mountain bikers prefer this type of lube because it provides adequate wet weather performance and prevents the wear and tear of other parts of the bike.

Safety flags

Bicycle safety flags add flair to your bike. They make it easier for other road users to see you when you’re riding. They also help prevent your child from falling off the bike if the rear breaks. In addition to preventing your child from falling off, a safety flag will alert motorists that you’re on a bicycle, which could potentially lead to an accident. Read on to learn more about the advantages of safety flags for bicycle accessories.
Handlebar-mounted baskets

Handlebar-mounted baskets for bicycles can be useful for a number of purposes, from storing groceries to carrying small pets. Some models can be detached and reattached easily. Others are designed for the most rugged terrain and come with features such as cup holders and adjustable straps. Here are some of the best options available for your bicycle. Let’s start with the classic Cofit basket. Its lightweight aluminum frame is weatherproof, and the water-proof oxford cloth can easily resist the elements. Its convenient quick-release attachment makes it easy to attach and detach to your bike. Another option is to detach the basket and store it in a convenient place when not in use.