Bicycle Storage Options

You’ve probably wondered how to store bicycles. You’ve likely used a rack or hanger before, but you may be wondering how to store your bike safely and securely. There are many options available, from room dividers to wall-mount hangers. Listed below are a few of the more popular options. You can also use locking systems. Read on for more information! Then, shop around for a bicycle storage rack or hanger that works for you.

Tension poles

Tension poles are an alternative to traditional bike racks. They are flexible and easy to install. Unlike other bike racks, tension poles don’t require drilling holes. They are also more expensive than non-trainer stands, so they are worth considering if you plan on redecorating your home frequently. Tension poles are also easier to move than non-trainer stands, so you can easily move them from one location to another.

A tension pole is a kind of bike rack that holds two bikes, typically one mountain bike and a road bike. These racks feature extra hooks to hang other cycling gear. They are usually mounted on the ceiling, but some are designed to be wall-mounted. Some models are free-standing and are ideal for a limited space. Tension poles are also available for indoors. These bikes can be hung from a ceiling or a wall.

Wall-mount hangers

There are several types of wall-mount bicycle storage hangers. There are horizontal hangers and vertical hangers. Horizontal hangers hold the bicycle perpendicular to the wall and allow you to store it in an upright position. Horizontal hangers are designed to fit a wide variety of bicycle styles and wheel sizes. The downside of vertical hangers is that you must lift the bicycle up. These options are better suited for people with limited mobility or physical fitness.

Single-bike hangers can be purchased to store one or two bicycles vertically. These can be simple hooks or nicely styled mouldings. They allow you to store bike accessories as well, while minimizing the amount of floor space your bikes take up. Some hangers also include extra room to store bicycle accessories. These types of hangers can be a great option for apartments. For homes without adequate bike storage space, you can get racks that hang bikes horizontally.

Room dividers

Bicycle storage can become a space-saver if you have a bicycle room divider. These innovative units combine bicycle storage with a room divider. They double as wall space, as well as a place to store shoes and helmets. In addition to being secure enough to hold your bikes, they feature padlocks and security chains, as well as a ground anchor for added protection. When you’re ready to purchase one for your home, be sure to take a look at these options below.

Bicycle Tricks II room divider is an original idea for your contemporary interior. Made of solid wood, this bike-themed room divider is printed on both sides to create a space-saving storage solution. The modern design of the bike room divider will complement the decor of any home. Not only will it provide additional storage space, but it will also add a unique modern style and a high level of quality to your room.

Locking systems

The present invention comprises a steel bar that securely locks a bicycle. It can be opened or closed with a cell phone or by a mobile device, and can also be locked manually. Among its other features, the system has a charging module for electric bikes and scooters, and a web application. It also has an outdoor screen where advertisements are displayed, and it is made of solar panels. This feature makes it environmentally friendly, and it provides peace of mind to the visitors arriving by bicycle.

The locking system is preferably operable with a single key, but a card, magnetic-key, or combination lock may be substituted. The locking system 10 is preferably made of durable material that withstands most theft attempts. In addition, the locking system is well adapted to practical use. Consequently, it achieves the various preferred objects of the invention. Its practicality is demonstrated by the numerous applications it has.