Cameroon Foods

The cuisine of Cameroon is considered one of the most diverse in Africa. This country is situated at the crossroads of Africa and boasts a diverse ethnicity, including Bantus, Semi-bantus, Shuwa Arabs, and German influences. The following information will help you learn about some of the main foods of Cameroon. If you are planning a trip to Cameroon, you should consider bringing your camera along for some of the best culinary experiences.

Ndole is a traditional dish in Cameroon

Ndole is a traditional dish from Cameroon made with stewed nuts. Ndoleh is a type of ndole, which is a stewed nut that is typically served with beef or fish. Its rich flavor is made even more delicious when served with a fried egg on top. A classic Cameroonian dish, Ndole is a traditional favorite.

Eru is a pudding-like dish in Cameroon

Eru is a traditional Cameroonian dish made from the starchy root plant called Gnetum africanum. It is seasoned with ginger, celery, garlic, parsley, and spices like turmeric, cayenne, and yam. It is served as a side dish to rice and boiled plantains and is traditionally eaten by newborns. Eru can be found at weddings, parties, and festivals.

Poisson braise is a delicacy

A native Cameroonian dish is Poisson braise, a roasted fish that is favored by the Duala people of the coastal Litoral Province. It is typically roasted on a charcoal grill but can also be cooked in an oven. Its unique flavor comes from the addition of exotic African spices. Besides being a popular local dish, poisson braise is also delicious when served as part of a special meal for newborns.

Njama-Njama is a seasonal vegetable

While nasturtiums are commonly found in West Asia and North America, Cameroon is perhaps best known for NJAMA-NJAMA, a green plant grown for its leaves. While the plant is used in cooking, it has a long history of medicinal uses and is also a great source of dye. Here, I’ll briefly describe the preparation of this vegetable and why it’s so popular in Cameroon.

Kwacoco is a mashed carbohydrate dish in Cameroon

The staple foods of rural communities in Cameroon are kwacoco and banga soups, made from mashed cocoyam tubers. These dishes are rich in carbohydrates and proteins and are usually made with beef or seafood. During the 2008 world food crisis, urban consumers and local farmers were encouraged to increase cocoyam production. Kwacoco, as it is known in Cameroon, is similar to fufu, but with a different texture.

Banane Malaxe is a traditional dish in Cameroon

Banane Malaxe is a traditional Cameroonian stew. It is made with unripe bananas, ginger, garlic, onions, peanuts, tomatoes, palm oil, salt, and bouillon cubes. It is a calorie-dense, flavor-packed dish that was originally only enjoyed by the upper classes in colonial Cameroon. Despite its name, the dish is actually quite easy to prepare. It consists of fried plantains mixed with chicken and other vegetables.

Sanga is a one-pot vegetable dish in Cameroon

A one-pot vegetable dish from Cameroon, sanga consists of a variety of vegetables cooked in one pot and served with rice and/or achu. Traditionally, a single tin of this vegetable soup contains three liters of water. It is seasoned with a special spice called Mbongo. This pepper is very spicy, and the resulting dish is referred to as “Mbongo Tchobi.”