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Separatist fighters attack Bamenda university

A separatist group stormed the campus of Bamenda University in Cameroon on April 5, causing a stampede that injured five people and forced many students to flee. Separatists have targeted civilians and violated the campus lockdown by shooting in the air. Separatists have also kidnapped 33 students from the Roman Catholic seminary, demanding a ransom. Separatist leaders are blamed for the attack, but the violence will continue to occur until a lasting peace can be achieved.

A separate government security force, including armed men, has been deployed in Bamenda in order to protect the university. Security forces have positioned themselves outside of school buildings and along roads in the city. The attack has impacted the city’s nightlife, which was once vibrant. Some nightclubs have shut down and reopened in neighboring, French-speaking cities. Insecurity has been worst in the neighboring town of Kumbo, which is cut off from Bamenda by a narrow strip of land. Separatist fighters have torn down a bridge, spread large rocks and demolished large trees.

Separatist fighters kidnap lawyer

A human rights lawyer in Cameroon has suffered a horrific kidnapping attempt by separatist fighters. Felix Agbor Nkongho, the founding member of the Cameroonian Human Rights Defense Association (CHRDA), received numerous threats from armed separatists. He received numerous messages on social media, including messages containing images of dead civilians. Separatist fighters also threatened to kill him if he continued to speak out about the situation in the region.

Rebels in western Cameroon are waging a war to carve out an independent state, calling themselves Ambazaonia. They are demanding that the authorities withdraw from the western regions. The Cameroonian government condemned the abductions and the kidnapping of the lawyers. The Inclusive Government Bilingual Primary School Ngomham, which educates scores of children with disabilities, said the abductions violated their right to an education.

Separatist fighters attack high school

On March 6, separatist fighters in Cameroon raided a Government High School in Ashong village with guns and machetes, threatening to kill eight teachers if they did not shut down the school. Human Rights Watch spoke to two teachers who witnessed the attack. Although students had stopped attending the school several weeks before the attack, the teachers continued to attend because of pressure from the government to keep the school open.

The separatists were accompanied by local police. Some of them had previously killed police officers. They were armed and attacked the school at dawn. The fighters took away student books and documents, and also burned the school’s office. Hundreds of students and teachers were displaced. Separatist fighters seized their belongings and ransacked the school. The students are afraid to go to school, and many are wearing plain clothes to avoid arrest.

Separatist fighters attack soccer tournament

A soccer tournament in Cameroon is under threat as separatist fighters clash with the army and local police. Four soccer teams from Northern Cameroon are due to take part in the tournament in Buea. Buea is a hotbed of separatist unrest in Cameroon’s southwest, northwest, and central regions. Anglophone minorities have been targeted by separatist groups since a breakaway state known as Ambazonia was declared by separatists in October 2017. The government has not yet recognized the emergence of the new state, which is based on the former British Southern Cameroons.

Authorities say the rebels are attacking the tournament because they want to prevent the country’s top soccer event. The tournament will be held in Buea, about 20km north of Limbe, where four of the Group F national teams will play. The other countries in the group are Mali, Tunisia, and Mauritania. The Cameroonian team is in Buea as is the team of the Gambia.