Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day

To give your teachers the appreciation they deserve, you should celebrate their special contributions to your child’s education. Celebrate by offering freebies and discounts to your child’s teacher and arranging celebrations to thank them for their hard work. You can also make this special day a school holiday with games, activities, and special decorations. For more ideas, read our article! Then, you can get started planning your celebration! Alternatively, you can do it yourself.

This year, celebrate the role of a teacher in your life with freebies and discounts from your favorite stores. Teachers are the unsung heroes of society, providing valuable advice, opening their students’ eyes to the world of vocations, and spending their own money to outfit their classrooms. If you’re looking for teacher appreciation gift ideas, here are a few of our favorites. And don’t forget to share the freebies with your colleagues and students.


May 2-6 is Teacher Appreciation Week and many businesses are offering deals and free food to teachers. Depending on where you live, these deals may vary. Barnes & Noble cafes offer free tall coffee to teachers. You can also get a free tall coffee at MOD Pizza or PDQ when you present your faculty ID. Here are some other great deals to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. All of these offers are valid only for May 2, 2022.


There are plenty of ways to decorate for teacher appreciation day. If you don’t have much time to decorate, consider a few ideas for a teacher gift. Gifts that are personalized can be great ways to show appreciation for a teacher. Think about giving personalized stationary that is useful for any occasion, not just for Teacher Appreciation Day. Fill a plastic drink tumbler with fruity, hard or chewy candies. You can also fill it with an inscription or play on words.


There are a number of activities to celebrate teacher appreciation day, from giving your teacher a cookie to organizing a pinata time in the gym. Other ideas include creating a bulletin board with countries represented on it, or putting up “Super Shoutouts.” A superhero-themed breakfast cart or potluck lunch can feature pastries from all over the world. Teachers can decorate their classrooms with flags and geographic stickers from old-fashioned luggage.
Giftcards to local shops

When buying a gift for a teacher, think of their favorite places to shop. If they have a favorite coffee shop, consider a gift card to that spot. Other great places to buy gift cards are local coffee shops, cafes, and boutiques. Consider sharing a card that you think your teacher would appreciate the most. Local restaurants also have gift cards, so the teacher can use them in their favorite places.

Cardboard utensil jar

Cardboard utensil jars make great teacher gifts! You can find one at your local dollar store without glass. You can also find UV Bead Color Packs, glue, and cardboard. To create a personalized message, students simply glue down one color of the beads, then the other. This way, the inside message appears white while the outside is colored. The teachers will surely love receiving such a gift!

Sports drink

Gift a teacher a healthy and nutritious sports drink to keep them energized and alert throughout the day. Starbucks is offering a free medium size beverage on Teacher Appreciation Day for four days. If your teacher does not have time to go to a salon, you can give them a manicure kit complete with nail polish remover. You can even customize a sports drink mug with the name of the student.