Cheap Flights – Use a Fare Tracker


Trying to find cheap flights? Use a fare tracker. There are many fare trackers out there. I recommend Google Flights, Skyscanner, Yapta, and Hellotrip. Here are three to start you off. All of these services will give you alerts of changes in fare. Just be sure to use them for the same dates as you are looking to fly. In addition to fare trackers, there are apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Yapta is a travel price tracker. It offers the convenience of tracking flights and hotels by price and star rating, and it also allows users to set alert thresholds for when prices drop. You can customize the alerts based on the number of days you want to be notified and whether you want to receive notifications for new deals, or only for price drops. You can also filter by price, star rating, or amenities to search for the lowest prices.

This fare tracker allows you to track airfare prices even after you’ve bought them. It doesn’t offer price tracking for airlines without a guaranteed airfare policy, and some don’t participate. Check the Yapta site for participating airlines to see if your airline is a participant. To use the service, you must purchase your flight directly from the airline and have paid in full. You can set a price limit to monitor airfare prices, and Yapta will send you an email or Twitter alert if the airfare goes below that level.

Google Flights

With the Google Flights fare tracker, you can keep track of prices for your next flight by using your chosen departure and destination cities and travel dates. By setting a toggle for “Track prices”, you’ll be notified as soon as a price changes. Google’s price tracker also allows you to receive notifications when prices drop or go up significantly. To set up alerts, click on the “Track prices” link below the location entry fields.

The fare tracker on Google Flights is a great way to find low prices on cheap airline tickets. The best airfares are often shown first on Google Flights, and the prices displayed in each search result are averages. You can also change your location or language. Click the settings button on the left or bottom menu bar. Once you’ve changed these settings, you can browse the main menu and filter your search results.


The best airfare tracker on the market today is Hellotrip, an app for your iPhone or iPad that offers real-time fares for flights. The app uses machine learning and self-learning algorithms to analyze data and offer recommendations on when to buy tickets. Hellotrip sends you notifications whenever prices change, so you’ll always be the first one to know about any changes. The app also has a handy reminder feature, which helps you plan your trips and avoid wasting time trying to find cheap flights.

The price alert feature is another great feature, which notifies you when the price of flights you’ve searched for has changed. The alerts are free and are simple to set up. You can choose to turn off these notifications at any time if you don’t want to receive them. Price alerts are especially useful if you are planning a trip in the next three to six months, and you’ll want to know as soon as prices go down to match your budget.


You can set alerts to receive email notifications whenever the price of a flight changes. Skyscanner is one of the most popular airfare search engines in the world, but its fare tracker doesn’t include Southwest fares. It does, however, search for flights and hotels. While it doesn’t include Southwest fares, it can be an invaluable tool for finding cheap tickets to your favorite destination. You can even choose to get notifications of changes in price for your favorite flight on specific dates.

Skyscanner’s fare tracker is particularly useful for last-minute travel, which can be difficult to find on short notice. It features a pricing graph and calendar, as well as the ability to search for destinations, including popular tourist destinations and entire countries. Users can also set alerts to receive notifications about changes in price, so they can book the cheapest flight possible. But while Skyscanner excels in this department, it’s important to remember that the service does not provide a price guarantee.