Choosing a Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance that you might have a romantic or sexual relationship with. These men may be close friends or casually hang out with you on a regular basis. Your boyfriend can be a great source of friendship and support if you have been dating him for a long time. However, you should consider some important factors when choosing a boyfriend. For instance, cuffed boyfriend jeans are a bad idea if your frame is curvy or slender.

Less cuffed is better

This past October, more than 60,000 references to the cuffing season flooded social media. The most common sentiment emitted was sadness. Many people feel like they will never find a boyfriend for the cuffing season. Earlier this year, Megan Thee Stallion’s “hot girl summer” meme captured the collective imagination, showing men and women enjoying unapologetic summertime.

While it’s fun to have sex with your boyfriend, he’ll likely be more amused by an electric blanket than by a cuffed woman. In fact, more than half of respondents said that their boyfriends lasted more than a year after getting cuffed. Eighteen percent said the relationship lasted between three and six months, and 13 percent said it lasted less than three months.

Avoid cuffed boyfriend jeans

Cuffed boyfriend jeans can make your legs look shorter. If your legs are shorter, try getting boyfriend jeans with slim fold-up cuffs or rolled hems. You can also try getting jeans with distressed above the knees and finished hems. You can also wear a belt with cuffed boyfriend jeans if you don’t want them to look too short on you. Here are some ways to keep your legs looking their best:

Choose boyfriend jeans with medium to faded blue washes. Try rolling them up over the ankles instead of cuffing them. Choose semi-tucked jeans instead of cuffed ones so you don’t have to show off those cuts. Besides, these kinds of jeans are more comfortable to wear. Also, add a ladylike blouse and pumps to make your look more work-appropriate. It’s a great summertime wardrobe addition that will make you feel confident and classy.

Avoid cuffed boyfriend jeans on a slender frame

When it comes to boyfriend jeans, the classic style and comfort it brings is hard to beat. However, not all pairs are created equal. While boyfriend jeans are a favorite with hipsters and other style-conscious women, they’re not always right for slender frames. To avoid looking stretched out, choose boyfriend jeans with a loose fit that hugs your curves. They usually feature a short leg that falls just above the ankle. Many also feature a folded cuff or ragged hemline.

In addition to not adding extra inches to your waistline, boyfriend jeans should have a cuffed leg. Choose a pair with a cuffed leg, but don’t opt for a flared hemline. A flared jean will make you appear shorter than you are. If you’re a petite woman, choose a cropped boyfriend jean with a narrower flare.

Avoid cuffed boyfriend jeans on a curvy frame

If you have a curvy body, it’s important to choose the right pair of boyfriend jeans. This style is flattering for curvy women because they’re low rise and have cuffs or distressing. They come in both tall and petite sizes and have an adjustable cuff. Pair this type of pant with a flowing top, leather sandals, or an oversized sweater.

To avoid a wide bottom hem and a slouchy cuff, you’ll want to choose high-waisted boyfriend jeans. This will elongate your legs and avoid cuffed boyfriend jeans that swallow you up. But be warned: these pants are harder to find. If you’re petite, opt for a higher-waisted pair.