Choosing a Picture Frame

A picture frame is the edging around your work that makes it safe to display. A picture frame is also a decorative choice that will set your piece apart from the rest of the space. Whether your work is a painting or a photograph, you can choose a frame that is elegant, classy, or both. You can choose between a slide-in picture frame or a wooden frame. The choice will ultimately depend on the art that you are framing.

Oval frames are classy

Oval picture frames can be placed on the wall or on a table. They are available in different materials, including metal, composite wood, and solid wood. A solid wood oval frame is easily recognizable and has limited ornamentation. However, if you need to display a picture on a table, you should go for a wood-composite frame. The same goes for an oval picture frame on a table.

The shape of an oval frame is perfect for displaying photos and other precious memories. They are available in different styles to suit varying tastes and décor. A wood-composite frame is an excellent option because it is durable and easier to work with. The wood in composite frames will hold up better and will add a bit of elegance to your display. If you prefer to display photos on a metal-composite frame, it is not difficult to find a frame made of glass.

Round frames draw attention to the art

If you are planning to hang a single picture, round picture frames are a great option. They draw attention to the art and can also be used as decorative items. If you want to display a series of pictures in a row, you may want to group them into the same frame. This creates a clean and organized look. However, if you want a more eclectic look, you can use frames that are different sizes.

The shape of a picture frame doesn’t have to match the style of the artwork. While most frames are rectangular, there are a few exceptions. Round picture frames draw attention to the art on the front while the square ones draw the eye to the back. These frames can be found in tabletop or hanging styles, but they are fancier than other shapes. Choose the frame depending on how you plan to use it, what you plan to display in it, and if you want to embellish it.

Wooden frames

If you’re in the market for a wood picture frame, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re buying one as a gift for someone special or just want to add your own personal touch to it, wood frames are an excellent choice. They come with hanging hardware already attached, which makes mounting the art a breeze. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also get a custom wood picture frame with a message or name engraved on it. You’ll love how unique these frames are – and the fact that you can customize them as much as you like.

Depending on the kind of wood used, you can choose a type of finish. Oil finishes are the most popular and oldest finish, but they don’t look protective. Many woods absorb oil finishes, which makes them look unsightly. Linseed oil and tung oil are popular choices for oil finishes, but these can take a long time to dry without additives. To get the best results, try using a combination of both.

Slide-in frames

Whether it’s a wall-mounted sign or an advertisement, Wood 361 slide-in picture frames can accommodate a wide variety of items. They feature a flat face profile and an off-wall depth of 7/8″. This versatile frame style is suitable for most industries. They also feature a variety of wood and stain finishes. If you’re in the market for a new picture frame for your office, check out our selection of Slide-in frames.

Slide-in picture frames have two basic options: either a flat extrusion or beveled molding. The flat extrusion style emphasizes the graphics on display, while the beveled molding style commands attention in high-end boutiques. Both styles can be ordered with various finishes to suit any decor, from matte to shiny. Custom orders will have to be placed in advance because they’re oversized and will require extra support.