Creating Your Own Webtoon

If you’re thinking about creating your own webtoon, you’re not alone. Webtoons have become extremely popular, with over 46 million monthly active users and are widely available on many major social media networks. Whether you want to make a love story or a serious thriller, the possibilities are endless. With so many new creators coming out every day, it’s not surprising that there are so many different types of webtoons. In this article, we’ll go over some of the main factors you need to consider when making your first webtoon.


The webtoon was first popular in South Korea and has been widely adapted into movies, cartoons, and television series. Popular examples of webtoons are ‘Tazza,’ based on a comic by Huh Young-man, which received more than 100 million page views on its homepage. It was adapted into two films and one television series. ‘Sikgaek,’ based on a case of group sexual assault in Miryang in the early 2000s, has sold over 540,000 paperback copies.

In Korea, the origins of webtoons can be traced to the Korean comic book industry. Their vertical-scrolling format makes them easy to view on smartphones. They are also very popular and are an excellent way to reach audiences on the go. Despite their popularity, webtoons have a long way to go before they reach mainstream success. In addition to their popularity, webtoons are free to use and can be read on any device.

While there are many genres of webtoon, there is one that stands out from the rest: romance. Romance webtoons feature a main character who is infatuated with another character. While this genre tends to focus on romance, other genres are welcome, as well. For example, webtoons such as Cheese in the Trap and Love Olympus often feature a romantic story.

Another popular genre is sci-fi. Unlike most other genres, webtoons are often a little bit different from their television counterparts. For instance, there are webtoons whose plots take place in alternate universes. For example, the webtoon “Supernatural Girl” tells a fictional story about a girl who discovers a supernatural side to her personality. This webtoon has an exotic supernatural element, but it manages to mix the real with the fantastic.

Business models

A business model for webtoons can involve a variety of methods for monetising the content. Publishers share a percentage of ad revenue with webtoon artists. While the revenue generated from native advertising was very low, this didn’t deter the parent company from moving toward the Paid Per Campaign advertising model. In fact, Webtoons have had success with this model and have been viewed by millions of users each month.

First, the publisher built a network of artists to create narrative images. Then, he increased traffic to his website by offering more content. In the end, he built a strong advertising infrastructure that allowed him to earn a high profit. The publisher also created a “line-up matrix” of the latest webtoons. Lastly, the publisher sought to increase the engagement of his website by pushing new stories into the top.


You can download and print out Webtoon art prints at any size and in any medium, from the smallest to the largest. Each print is made of high-quality paper, and would look just as good in a gallery as it would on your own walls. To help you with your artwork, here are some guidelines to remember while creating your art webtoon. Firstly, use plenty of white space! This will set the mood of your work and encourage your audience to read on.

Second, make sure to keep the text to a minimum. Adding too much text can overwhelm the reader and make the webtoon hard to read. Fortunately, there are many tools available to make this process easier. Webtoons can be viewed on any device, and they’re easy to share with others. Just follow the instructions and post a link to your Webtoon on social media. You’ll soon have a list of the most popular art webtoons on the internet.

Adaptations into other media

The proliferation of Webtoons has resulted in more adaptations into different media, including anime and Japanese animation. While anime is popular among fans in East Asia, many webtoons have found a devoted following in the United States. Webtoons such as “The God of High School” and “Tower of God” have seen millions of readers, and are being adapted into popular animation series.

The Uncanny Counter is an anime series about four demon hunters and their mission to send evil spirits to the afterlife. The OCN network adapted the webtoon, Daum, into a sixteen-episode TV series in 2020. Jo Byungyu and Kim Sejeong starred as the main characters, Yoo Nabi and Yoo Jaeon, respectively. The series was released in the United States and Europe, and was reuniting the original cast in early 2021. The Uncanny Counter series won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Yeom Hyeram, which explains the popularity of the webtoon format.