DEA – Competitiveness and Efficiency of Egypt Container Storage

The efficiency of Egyptian container terminals is evaluated using the DEA (Data Efficient Analysis) tool. Secondary data were collected on berth length, draught, gantry cranes, and container throughput. Data was collected from the Egyptian EMDB for five years. This study is an initial step toward improving efficiency and competitiveness in Egypt’s container terminals. Additional research is needed to assess the effectiveness of the extension of the Suez Canal.


This study examines the competitiveness of terminals in Egypt. Using a Likert scale, the researchers identified the factors that affect the competitiveness of terminals. A value of 1 indicates excellent performance; 0.8 indicates good performance; and 0.4 means poor performance. The respondents were surveyed by a panel of 72 experts in the field. Survey responses were analyzed using Excel Spreadsheets and Pop Tools. The results of the study indicate that Alexandria is the least competitive terminal.


In the new survey, the efficiency of container storage in Egypt was evaluated. Alexandria and Port Said, both located in the Mediterranean Sea, have the highest efficiency scores in the country. Port Said and East Port Said rank second and third. The remaining two ports, El-Sokhna and Damietta, have the lowest efficiency scores. In this article, we will review the findings and highlight the opportunities for improvement. In addition, you can explore the details of the report.


The study compared costs of Egypt container storage terminals across major cities. El-Sokhna, Port Said, Damietta, and El-Dekheila had the highest efficiency indexes, while Alexandria’s performance was the least competitive. However, these two cities do have similar cost structures. The Alexandria container terminal had the lowest competitiveness indexes, and the results could be misleading. Nevertheless, the study is still helpful in determining how much container storage costs are in the country.

Extension of Suez Canal

The extension of the Suez Canal for Egypt container storage has drawn new scrutiny following the abysmal performance of a giant container ship that ran aground off the coast of Alexandria. The new Canal, inaugurated in 2015 by President Abdel Fattah Al Sissi, was meant to put Egypt on the path to recovery after the Arab Spring and earn the country more revenue. It also was supposed to boost President Sissi’s international stature.

Costs of gantry cranes

The omission of gantry cranes and other inputs at Alexandria and El-Dekheila ports reduced their efficiency, but Alexandria port still has the highest efficiency rating. El-Dekheila port, however, had the lowest efficiency score due to the omission of draught and storage capacity. Costs of gantry cranes for Egypt container storage are relatively low, however, as they are used only for loading and unloading containers.

Prices of containers

If you’re planning on relocating, or just want a container to store your goods in, you’ll find it’s easy to get an estimate of how much a container will cost. The average price for a 40-foot shipping container in Egypt is $150 a month. Prices of containers in Egypt also depend on several factors, such as size, door type, and location. For example, a container of this size can be used for storage purposes at an office building for a large amount of paperwork. If you need to use it as a classroom, you can even purchase a container with a door for extra space.

Quality of services provided by Alexandria Container Handling Company

A study conducted by Alexandria Container Handling Company on its quality of service delivery has revealed that the company offers a variety of customer-friendly services. The study’s methodology focuses on diagnostic analysis of the company’s logistics chains to identify the areas that require improvement. The research also includes questionnaires filled by actual customers. This allows the company to take into account all of its processes and procedures. The results of the study indicate that Alexandria Container Handling Company has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction and has a clear commitment to improving their services.