Different Types of Love

Love is never selfish. The person you love has to be able to let you be who you are and feel free to be yourself. Love is a bundle of feelings, emotions and attitudes. Even the smallest things matter. These are all part of what love is all about. But how do you know if you have found it? Read on to learn about different types of love. You’ll be amazed! Listed below are some of the things that make a person love another person.


Although relationships and love are both a central part of our lives, many people experience different emotions as part of them. Research has shown that emotions can be expressed in different ways, depending on how people perceive them. For example, people may feel affection for a partner based on their perception of the intensity of their love. Other people may feel ecstatic when they’re in love but not fully understand the reasons behind this. A new study suggests that there’s no definitive relationship between emotional health and emotional well-being, but it’s important to keep in mind that many relationships end in heartbreak.

Romantic love

The feelings of romantic love are primarily emotional in nature, and serve as a function in kin selection theory. The sexual attachments that people feel for their partners can also increase their fitness through kin selection, but the emotional commitment and obligations that these relationships entail have shifted from being beneficial to detrimental to the fitness of the individuals involved. While people still have feelings of romantic love, they are no longer sexually intercourse. Romantic love is a complex feeling and requires an understanding of the nature of sexual attraction in humans.

Companionate love

Companionate love is a type of romantic love based on mutual validation, self-disclosure, and expression of similarity. Couples who share this type of love are more compatible than couples who share romantic love. Intense intimacy is a key characteristic of companionate love, as it increases trust and loyalty. Companionate love is often preceded by romantic love, but may precede it in a new relationship.

Playful love

What makes a relationship playful? Love is all about play, and playful lovers share this love in different ways. Whether they are with a child or a lover, playful couples respond to each other by guiding each other to happy places, people, and things. Intimate and freeing, playful love is a joy to experience. It’s the kind of love that inspires many people to seek happiness and fulfillment in life.

Justification of love

Justification of love refers to the process by which we justify a specific act or behavior. Love is a personal disposition and, while it is often unfortunate, cannot be considered irrational. A good example of justification of love is the idea that an act of love is justified because it is a reaction to the value of something else. In other words, a person might feel deeply in love with a person but do not realize it.