Director of Self Storage at Wentworth Property Company

David Brown, Director of Self Storage at Wentworth Property Company, is focused on all things development. Before joining Wentworth, David spent seven years in Philadelphia working for a commercial real estate developer. He was introduced to the industry by Kent Greenwald. David serves on the AZSA Golf Committee, helping the association, its members, and charities. Read more about David Brown. You’ll be surprised how much self-storage has changed his life.

Mark C. Winmill

Mr. Winmill has over 36 years of experience in real estate, including the acquisition and development of over 50 projects since 1982. He has also led the management of over 65 million square feet of self-storage properties. Prior to joining the self-storage industry, Mr. Winmill founded Bull & Bear Securities, Inc., a nationwide discount broker that was sold to the Royal Bank of Canada in 1999. In addition to serving on the board of directors for the company, Mr. Winmill is also a director and trustee of two other companies.

The compensation of Mark C. Winmill is determined annually by the Compensation Committee, and may include a base salary, bonuses, stock grants, and other employee benefits. Mark Winmill’s compensation may also include reimbursement of reasonable business expenses. As Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Global Self Storage Inc., Mr. Winmill earns an annual salary of $440,419 from his job at the company. In addition, he has made fourteen trades of SELF stock since joining the company in 2006.

Nick Malagisi

Nick Malagisi, Senior Advisor of SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors and National Self Storage Team Chair, has been helping clients to sell their self-storage properties for over 20 years. He specializes in the valuation of self-storage properties and has participated in more than $1 billion in self-storage sales since 1993. He also consults on feasibility studies of new self-storage projects.

As the industry continues to change, storage is becoming increasingly important for millennials. While older generations occupied large houses in the suburbs, the millennials live in small apartments and studios in the city center. Self-storage units have become a place to store important keepsakes and rotate playthings. This trend continues to grow and Nick Malagisi is well-positioned to keep pace.

John Lindsey

John Lindsey is a co-founder of the Lindsey Self Storage Group, a real estate services company focused on self-storage. Lindsey has over 50 years of combined industry experience and has developed self-storage properties in North Carolina and South Carolina. John has been a self-storage expert for over five years and has helped many investors and entrepreneurs sell their properties.

Self-storage is a billion-dollar industry with 55,000 facilities in the US. Self-storage properties have a long track record of success and have surpassed doubling in size each year since the recession began. Despite the recession, the industry is ripe for disruption. John Lindsey has extensive experience as a second-generation self-storage owner. In this interview, he shares his insights and advice for investors and multifamily operators alike.

Michael Rhoads

Mr. Michael Rhoads is a partner in PFG Capital, where he has been responsible for overseeing accounting and tax strategy, and developing section 42 affordable housing and self storage site feasibility studies. He has a diverse background that includes roles with a regional mortgage banking firm and as a member of the Construction Financial Management Association. In addition to his work as a partner, he has participated in numerous seminars, including the Construction Financial Management Association.

Aside from being the director of the PFG Capital self-storage company, Michael Rhoads has more than 48 CVs and social profiles. He has thirteen phone numbers and twenty-four companies. As a result of his varied experience, he has an in-depth understanding of compensation and key performance measures. Ultimately, he will help self-storage operators build successful companies and attract quality employees.

Korey Hanson

Argus Professional Storage Management LLC is a four-year strategic partnership between real estate brokerage Argus Self Storage Sales Network and third-party management company PSSM. Korey Hanson, Director of Operations, oversees the company’s 100+ managed storage facilities. He maintains strong client relationships and is active in managing new management acquisitions. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Self Storage Association. Korey Hanson started his career as an Area Manager, and quickly rose to become Director of Operations, and eventually became President.

In addition to his experience in the self-storage industry, Korey Hanson has studied accounting and marketing, and has also held positions in development and marketing. He has a degree in accounting and has a Bachelor’s in business administration. His passion for self-storage and the industry has brought him to the board of directors. He is excited to continue helping self-storage owners achieve their goals.

Kris Parker

A 17-year corporate veteran, Kris Parker joined Newmark in 2022 as an Associate Director of Self-Storage Investments. His expertise lies in client and agency facing businesses, strategy, operations, and client success. He has also led various partnership development and client-success initiatives. Kris Parker’s passion for self-storage and his love for helping others make the most of their storage needs is apparent in his work.