Disability Rights at the Employment Academy

Attend the Employment Academy and become well-versed in disability rights. There are many new laws regarding the rights of employees with disabilities, but the first training session will focus on common issues and concerns. Participants will review case studies and learn how to reconcile their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York Human Rights Law, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Each session is designed to cover one particular topic, with a focus on one topic for the whole day.

Emily Harris is a certified employment professional

A certified employment professional (CEP) can assist you in identifying and applying for jobs that match your skills and experience. With more than 25 years of experience, Emily Harris has helped countless people get their first jobs. She has extensive experience working with people with disabilities and has worked as a Positive Behavior Support consultant for individuals and agencies. She is committed to the idea of inclusion and understands how important employment is for ensuring equity. To help individuals and organizations find meaningful employment, Harris has become a Certified Employment Professional (CEP) and a Person Centered Planning Facilitator. She is interested in using low-tech approaches, such as person-centered planning, to support people with disabilities.

Jenny is a Certified Employment Support Professional

In addition to serving as a Certified Employment Support Professional at the employment Academy, Jenny also serves in various marketing roles. She oversees the CESP program, writes APSE emails, posts on social media, and develops podcasts. Outside of her work, Jenny enjoys reading dystopian novels, playing softball, and thrift shopping. She also enjoys watching her daughter play softball. She is passionate about advancing employment and equal opportunity for all people.

Emily Harris has experience as a job seeker consultant

As an experienced trainer, Emily Harris has expertise in the development and implementation of complex quantitative research, which requires a strong attention to detail and close project management. In 2018, Emily joined the company’s Base Camp team, ensuring research is consumer-centric, agile, and high-quality. Her education includes four years at LRW, a minor in marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts in English.

A career in the nonprofit sector includes a range of roles, including Executive Director of ADA 25 Advancing Leadership and Executive Director of ADA 25 Advashing Leadership. Previously, she created the nation’s first disability civic leadership program. Harris has also served as a Vice President at Metropolis Strategies, where she directed policy and research programs in regional economic growth. In addition, she is active on the Forest Preserves of Cook County Conservation and Policy Council, as well as the CMAP Economic Development Committee.