Discover the Delicious Cuisine of Cameroon

The cuisine of Cameroon is some of the most diverse in Africa. This crossroads country boasts diverse ethnic groups, including Bantus, Semi-bantus, Shuwa Arabs, and a German influence. From this diverse ethnicity comes a vast range of dishes, ranging from Ndole to Jollof to Poulet DG. If you’re planning a trip to Cameroon, be sure to try the many local specialties.


If you want to sample some of the delicious Cameroonian cuisine, try the dish known as Ndole. This stewed nut dish is served with beef or fish. It is one of the most popular foods of the country. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of it:


One of the traditional foods of Cameroon is sangah, which is made with cassava leaf, palm nut juice, and maize. The mixture cooks to form a stew that is often served with rice and boiled plantain. While this stew is delicious on its own, you’ll get the full experience if you try it with rice. Then, you’ll understand the importance of a good serving.


Jollof is a staple food of Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana. It is a rice dish prepared with vegetables, meat, and a tomato base. A Cameroonian party would not be complete without Jollof. The dish can also be found in the coastal towns of the region. Read on to learn more about this dish. Listed below are some of its most popular versions.

Poulet DG

A typical Cameroonian dish, Poulet DG is a chicken casserole served with vegetables and ripe plantains. This dish is very healthy because it is cooked in less oil, and the chicken is flavored with a generous amount of pepper. This dish is best served when it is still warm, and with a glass of juice to accompany it. A dish of this caliber was traditionally served to the upper class, but today it is served to the entire population.

Njamah njamah

A typical dish from Cameroon is egusi. The stew is traditionally made with meat. The dish is also known as ndole. Njamah is made with minced or finely chopped beef, fried plantains, and a sauce made from peanuts. This dish can be served cold or hot. It’s also a staple of the local diet, providing nutrition to hundreds of thousands of Cameroonian citizens every day.


Nkui, a local staple in Cameroon, is an untapped source of nutrition and flavor. The distinctive aroma and flavor of nkui are due to the presence of a wide range of volatile flavor compounds. Such compounds may have medicinal and health benefits and are thus important food sources. We used SPME-GCxGC-TOF-MS to investigate nkui’s volatile flavor profile.

Nkui sauce

Nkui is a traditional dish from West Cameroon, which is prepared from the bark of the Triumfetta pentandra plant. It is believed that the Nkui spices help to strengthen the fetus and increase its breast milk. It is also traditionally used as a food to cure colic, malaria and other ailments. In Cameroon, Nkui is a staple of the Cameroonian diet.