Egypt Carrier Storage Service

If you are in the process of buying a new car or planning a vacation, you should consider using an Egypt Carrier storage service. A carrier is a vessel that is able to store its cargo until the customer picks it up. This is helpful when the car is not ready, but you have no way of storing it at home. You can also hire a storage unit to store your vehicle for the time it needs to get to the dealer.

Short Sea weekly service to connect North Greece with Egypt and South Turkey

The CMA CGM company has announced the launch of a new Short Sea service from Greece to Egypt and South Turkey. The new service, dubbed GETEX, will operate a once-weekly route from Thessaloniki to Damietta, Egypt and Mersin, Turkey. The service aims to improve connectivity between Greece and Egypt and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey and Eastern European countries.

In 2022, three ferry companies will service the Chios-Cesme route. There will be five to six ferry crossings daily in summer. The trip takes approximately 35 minutes, and tickets cost EUR20-25 each. Samos ports serve Kusadasi, Turkey. There are two ferry companies operating twice daily services. Tickets are priced at EUR40. For more information, please visit MSC’s website.

While both countries are trying to improve connectivity, they’re also engaged in a tug-of-war between each other. While Greece and Turkey have competing interests in gas, they disagree on what areas are part of their continental shelves. In December, Turkey sent a Navtex naval alert to Greece’s island of Kastellorizo, just off its coast. The Greeks say this is an attempt to annex their territory.


If you need to ship a heavy item to Egypt, you can use a carrier storage service. You can save up to 90% if you ship items to a carrier that specializes in storage. It can be very costly to store oversized or heavy items, but the prices can be offset by the low charter rates. In addition to carrier storage, these services are also convenient, and they can make shipping your items to Egypt easier and less expensive.

USPS – The US Postal Service was founded in 1971 and has a substantial presence in the country. They have over 180 international destinations. They offer flat rate shipping and are an affordable option, but are not the most reliable. While the USPS is a reliable option, it is not the most reliable. You can use ShipBob for this service. The company has a good reputation and offers excellent shipping rates.


The Availability of Egypt Carrier storage service is a key consideration when shipping your package to Egypt. Although the prices are quite affordable, you may find that you’d like to add a few extra GBs to your package, or even keep it on your own. This is possible if you use a carrier with storage space that is more than 100 square feet. However, the prices can be a bit steep if you need to ship large items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re shipping a few small items or a large shipment, you can benefit from our storage service in Egypt. For most shipments, the storage service in Egypt offers 24 hour access to your cargo. Most carriers offer overnight storage at no additional charge. But, if you’re moving in for the first time and want to store your goods in Egypt for the duration of your shipment, we recommend that you choose the onsite storage option. It will ensure that your merchandise arrives at its destination intact.

While you’re storing your items, keep in mind that most Egyptians behave conservatively when interacting with strangers. While normal contact is fine, touching someone’s body or performing intimate acts in public will likely irritate them. For this reason, most mosques require that you remove your shoes. Lastly, Egyptians use their right hand when eating and giving gifts. If you’re traveling with an atheistic perspective, keep your photo or mementos of the Egyptian military property to a minimum.