Examples of Comfortable Sentences

Comfortable, as a verb, implies that the subject is in pain or suffering and requires relief. Comfort is synonymous with consolation and solace. In addition, it can mean physical comfort for a person who is otherwise not uncomfortable. Here are some examples of sentences in which the subject is comforted. We are comfortable when we are physically secure. But, when are we truly comfortable? Read on to find out. Listed below are some examples of sentences in which the subject is not comfortable.


The word “uncomfortable” means “not comfortable” or “not providing comfort.” This word describes any situation in which you feel physically uneasy or anxious. For example, eating too much food can make you feel uncomfortable, or you may feel uneasy about meeting a friend’s parents. But whatever the situation, the key to feeling uncomfortable is to get over it and keep trying new things. Uncomfortable situations are inevitable, and we all go through them from time to time.

Secure around people

Insecure people tend to attract needy partners. They may feel secure around them, but this won’t address their insecurities. They attract those who mirror their own levels of investment. So what should you do if you’re insecure? Here are some tips to make sure you stay secure around others: