Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

If you love your natural eyebrow shape, but are afraid of permanent makeup, an eyebrow tattoo might be a good option. Permanent makeup artists can create a look that mimics your natural eyebrow color and shape, while not permanently changing your skin. Unlike standard tattoos, makeup tattoo pigment is designed to fade with time. Because of this, they don’t produce a blue tint, like tattoos do. Aftercare is essential, and there are several aftercare products available.


Aftercare is a crucial step in the healing process and color retention of your eyebrow tattoo. Although the results will vary from person to person, following certain aftercare guidelines is essential for optimal results. Avoid picking the tattoo area, as this can cause scarring and pull the pigment out of the skin. You should avoid applying makeup and sunscreen to the area for 7 days. You can also use a topical antiseptic or wound healing cream.

After the initial procedure, you should apply healing balm to the tattoo site as much as possible. It’s recommended that you apply the healing balm to the tattoo site two to three times a day. You can also use a clean cotton bud to gently remove excess healing balm. You should also avoid excessive sweating. To ensure the best healing outcome, you should not use contact lenses or curl your lashes for five days. Then, you should clean the site with a warm soapy cloth and apply grapeseed oil. Never use petroleum jelly on the tattoo.

Aftercare after a microblading procedure

Following the procedure involves using an ointment to prevent infection. The ointment should be applied twice a day. You should repeat this procedure every two to three hours to prevent buildup of lymph and blood. It is important to avoid using excessive hot water and blotting the area. To prevent skin infections, do not go swimming or do any heavy household cleaning. Your skin will need time to heal.

The pigment may appear to be gone after a few days, but it will return within a few days or 30 days. You will need to schedule a follow-up appointment to reinforce the strokes and fill in any missing pigment. This should be done at least a week after the procedure, but ideally, no more than a week later. After that, you should avoid the sun for at least four weeks.


The cost of an eyebrow tattoo depends on the location and the artist’s skill. Some clinics may begin the procedure without numbing the area, while others apply a numbing cream after several passes. While the numbing cream should only take a couple of minutes, it can make a big difference in the final result. After the numbing cream takes effect, the artist begins to draw the eyebrow shape and pattern. The whole procedure should take about an hour and a half.

The cost of a single eyeliner tattoo in the United States can run from $300 to $500. Follow-up appointments will cost an additional $100 to $150. Eyeliner tattoos fade over time, so it’s important to get a retouch every few years. For this reason, it is a good idea to pay for a tattoo school. The cost of an eyebrow tattoo in the UAE will depend on the size, design, and level of detail of the tat.

Aftercare after a feathered brow procedure

Regardless of the brow lift you choose, aftercare after the procedure is important. During the first two weeks following the procedure, you should refrain from sweating or sunbathing, and avoid applying makeup or anti-ageing cream to the treated area. This procedure can leave your eyebrows looking patchy and irritated. However, these precautions will help you minimize the potential for scarring.

Aftercare for a feathered brow procedure can include taking care of the area with antibacterial soap for the first two days. However, the aftercare for a microblading procedure is more comprehensive and requires special considerations. During the first week after the procedure, your eyebrows may appear lighter than the original color. The pigment may fade unevenly, but this is expected. Most clients require a touch up after six weeks. In the meantime, your eyebrows will look like dry skin and may scab over.

Pain level

If you’re a bit apprehensive about getting your eyebrow tattooed, you can relax. You can even opt for a non-numbing cream. It takes about 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect. The tattoo machine uses a needle that lightly scrapes the top layers of your skin. You may feel slight discomfort during the tattooing process, but you can expect the pain to subside over several days.

The pain level of eyebrow tattoos is much lower than body tattoos, and is comparable to plucking your eyebrows. The difference in pain is because tattoo artists have to learn skin tone matching, colour theory, and facial structure. Because eyebrow tattoos are permanent, you may need to get a fresh tattoo every two or three years. A skilled tattoo artist can ensure that the procedure is pain-free, and you will look amazing for many years to come.

Aftercare after a permanent eyebrow tattoo

Depending on the type of eyebrow tattoo you choose, the aftercare after a permanent eyebrow tattoo will be a little different than that of a traditional body tattoo. Aftercare for eyebrow tattoos generally involves cleansing the area with a healing balm, using cotton pads to remove any build-up, and keeping the brows as dry as possible. The only thing you should not do is touch your brows.

Before cleansing the area, you should use a mild soap to wash it thoroughly. Be sure to avoid any facial cleansers that contain acid, as these can strip the skin and interfere with the retention of the ink. It is also important to avoid applying lotions or other products containing regenerative factors or acid. You should avoid laser treatments over the tattooed area, as these could further damage the skin and make the ink not last long.