FedEx Luggage Center – How to Pack Your Luggage Efficiently

Whether you’re planning to move across town or across the country, you’re probably looking for ways to ship your luggage safely. While moving your luggage by yourself is possible, it’s a lot easier if you use a shipping service. While it might not be as cost-effective as hiring a moving company, moving luggage by truck can save you money and give you peace of mind. This article will cover the best options for moving your luggage safely.

Consolidated freight shipping is best for moving luggage

There are a few advantages to consolidated freight shipping over parcel shipping. Parcels are handled by qualified professionals who take care of everything from loading them to making them unpack. Because they are handled over multiple transfers, they have a much higher risk of delay or damage. That said, you may still find this method to be the best option for moving luggage. So how do you know which one is best for your needs?

First of all, consolidated freight allows you to build a relationship with the shipper and supplier. You can work with one shipper for LTL shipping if you use the same route a lot. This way, you can save money on freight while getting high-quality service. Remember that keeping your customer relationship intact requires consistency. Inconsistent delivery can ruin any good relationship. Ultimately, consolidated freight is the best choice for moving luggage.

Packing your luggage

There are several strategies you can follow to pack your luggage efficiently. One of these is to pack your heaviest items on the bottom. Use packing cubes to divide the heavier items and put them close to the wheels. When packing, you can also place water-resistant items near the zipper or handle. To prevent your items from becoming lost in transit, place them near the exterior pockets. Then, place lighter items close to the handles.

You should pack your belongings in a similar manner as you would for a vacation. Include clothes and shoes, as well as any toiletries or medications. Don’t forget any important paperwork. Some people opt to pack only travel-size items, while they can purchase larger ones later. This way, they are able to save valuable space. Also, keep your belongings organized with a labeled bag.

Shipping options

You may be wondering how to save money when shipping your luggage by using responsible packaging. In addition to saving you money, responsible packing ensures the safety of your belongings. Fortunately, FedEx Office offers a range of options for packaging your luggage so you can have peace of mind while traveling. Here are some options to consider. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, read on. Weigh the costs of shipping options and their advantages before making a final decision.

One of the most common reasons people choose to ship their luggage is to avoid the stress and hassle of checking multiple bags. Shipping luggage can eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple bags at the airport and avoiding the extra baggage fees. Others use shipping services for long-distance relocation, packing their possessions and household goods in a single box. Be aware that some shippers will add additional costs for storing your luggage, such as UPS pickup fees or FedEx fuel surcharges. Additionally, some hotels charge extra for holding your luggage.


When it comes to the costs of moving your luggage, shipping your items can be an excellent option. While shipping your luggage via ground transport can be expensive, you won’t have to worry about extra baggage fees or the stress of trying to find enough space in a carry-on bag. Some companies, including UPS and FedEx, have special pricing for moving luggage. And, some of them may even add surprise charges such as fuel surcharges or additional handling fees. In addition, some hotels may charge extra to store your luggage.