Furniture Materials and Styles

If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture for your home, you might be wondering what materials are used to make it, what styles are available, and how much they cost. Thankfully, this article will answer some of these questions, and help you choose the perfect piece for your home. There’s a whole history of furniture to explore, so get ready to start planning your new furniture purchases! After all, a new piece of furniture is one of the best investments you can make!

Materials used to make furniture

Materials used to make furniture vary widely from one type to another. While wood was a mainstay of furniture, the manufacturing process was also complicated by the costs of raw materials. Nowadays, wood is used to make commercial furnishings because it is durable and low-maintenance. Common wood species used for commercial furnishings include teak, pine, cedar, and oak. Wooden furniture is also very popular, especially for outdoor settings. Wrought iron furniture is lightweight, durable, and can be bent into a variety of shapes, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Another common material used to make furniture is pallets. These wooden logs are usually softwood that grows from Southeast Asia. The trunks can grow up to 500 feet long and two inches wide. They are then cut at the base of the vine and sorted by length. Once cut, they are then treated with chemicals to prevent rotting and preserving them. These woods can be reused for many other crafts, including furniture.


In terms of interior design, you can mix and match the different styles of furniture. However, it is important to balance these two styles. For example, contemporary furniture should not dominate a room, and traditional furniture should balance out an otherwise contemporary room. Additionally, you should pair different styles with each other to prevent visual separation. To do this, use buddy pieces, such as a table and chairs with different styles. This way, your furniture will all appear coherent together.

Traditional: This style is a common choice for homes with an old world or colonial style. Its influence is largely derived from the classic decor of centuries past. This style emphasizes simplicity and elegance. Usually, it includes carved legs, ball and claw feet, and decorative details. This style is commonly characterized by dark-finish woods and elaborate carvings. This style is often combined with plaids and floral patterns.


Furniture’s price often depends on the quality of the materials used for the construction. Higher quality material results in a higher price tag. Similarly, the cost of recycled or reclaimed wood can be high, and must undergo a process of refinement to make it as good as new. The type of wood used also affects the cost. Generally, reclaimed timber will be more expensive than virgin wood, but it’s worth considering these factors before making a final decision.

The cost of furniture will continue to rise, with prices likely to increase ten to 15 percent in the coming months. In order to offset these increases, manufacturers will pass on the higher cost to consumers. In a statement on its website, furniture manufacturer IKEA said that it’s increasing prices by nine per cent, but some regions may face higher price hikes. The biggest price increases, he says, come from higher raw material costs and transportation costs.

Places to buy

If you are looking for a way to save on the furniture you need, consider buying online. Places like Wayfair and Pier 1 Imports offer great deals on furniture and other home goods. Some stores even have free in-store pickup. Birch Lane is another popular place to buy furniture online. Its website has an amazing collection of furniture that ranges from affordable options to higher-end items, so you can shop without worrying about shipping costs.

Regardless of your budget or decorating style, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality pieces at a great price at the MoMA Design Store. While the store skews more towards gifts, kitchen gadgets, and decor, there are plenty of options for furniture shoppers. If you’re looking for unique pieces, try Dot & Bo. You can browse through unique, stylish pieces by room or pattern.