Gainsville Sounds – Summertime Music in Gainsville, Georgia

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy music outdoors in Gainsville, Georgia, consider the summertime sounds of Gainsville. Whether you enjoy The Wilder Blue, Christen-Metal, or UF School of Music ensembles, you’re sure to find some great performances in the Gainsville area. If you’re interested in finding out more, read on. We have a few tips for you. Here are a few of our favorites:


Christian metal is a subgenre of heavy metal, often associated with the Jesus movement. This movement arose from the Christian hippies who wanted to express their faith through heavy metal music. This style of music was first popular in the English-speaking world, such as Central and Northern Europe. Later, the style was resurrected in the 2000s, largely due to the efforts of metalcore groups.

In the 1980s, Christian metal bands typically released their music in Christian bookstores and fanzines. Some Christian metal bands were so popular, they even went gold! In the years following, Christian metal became more mainstream with bands such as Tourniquet and Underoath. These bands were formed in the bedrooms of former lead singer Dallas Taylor and are still active. Their 2006 album, ‘For the Love of God’, went platinum in less than five months.

The Wilder Blue

The Wilder Blue is a band from Texas that travels through the borderlands of several musical genres. The band’s primary front man, Zane Williams, was a well-established solo artist when he got in touch with fellow Texas troubadour, Paul Eason. Before coming to Gainsville, Eason had released three solo albums and played lead guitar for Texas legend, Kevin Fowler.

The UF School of Music

The UF School of Music produces many unique musical ensembles. Students are encouraged to develop their musical talents. They learn from seasoned musicians in both classical and jazz styles. Many student groups are involved in local music festivals. Some have local connections, such as UF Swamp Records, and perform in concert halls. Other student groups play at various events to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion. In addition, some student ensembles have been featured on local television and radio stations.

A concert performed by the UF School of Music demonstrates the power of the faculty and students. The school’s symphony hall features an elaborate carillon, which sounds like church bells pealing on the hour. Students may enjoy a concert with these bands or attend a lecture by one of them. The campus includes several outdoor venues on campus, including Rinker Hall, where the first LEED-certified building was completed.

Students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in music in many different fields, including jazz, classical, and contemporary music. There are also online courses available for students interested in learning the business side of music. The tuition for these programs averages $21,431 per year. There is a wide range of study programs available, including music business and education. And with its diverse student body, the School of Music has something for every student.