Global Environmental Issues

Various processes and problems affecting our global environment operate on a worldwide scale. Understanding these processes requires knowledge that crosses traditional academic divisions. A global perspective and international cooperation are necessary to understand these issues. Here are some major global environmental issues. You may be surprised to discover that you share a similar view with many other people from around the world. Read on to learn more. – How do we make our environment better? – Overpopulation, Climate change, Air and water quality.


Overpopulation and the environment are two of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Many underdeveloped nations have a greater incidence of overpopulation due to a lack of reproductive education and preventive measures. In these countries, overpopulation causes a reduction in the standard of living. To alleviate the problem, governments must develop policies to limit overpopulation. In addition, education should focus on prevention methods, like limiting the number of children a family should have.

Climate change

The concept of climate change isn’t new, nor is the notion that Earth’s climate is changing. In fact, Earth has been experiencing changes for ten thousand years. The differences today stem from varying opinions about the causes, speed, and effects of these changes. This article explores the current debate. Read on to learn about the key issues surrounding climate change. And don’t be surprised if you disagree with some of the science!

Air quality

The health effects of global air pollution are well documented. It is estimated that ambient air pollution is responsible for hundreds of millions of premature deaths annually, and the greatest burden is seen in low and middle-income countries. Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of developing lung cancer and chronic conditions. It also affects children and the development of chronic diseases. In addition, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that air pollution can also cause climate change.

Water quality

According to the latest research, the world is on track for rapid deterioration of water quality. Human activity is a major contributor to the problem, with large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and BOD entering our water systems every year. These pollutants have serious health and economic consequences, and the consequences are expected to get worse over the next few decades. These findings serve as a wake-up call to take action to prevent further deterioration.

Soil quality

A key role of the Earth’s soil is to store carbon dioxide. The destruction of forests and other natural habitats is a major contributor to soil degradation. Excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers kills soil organisms. The destruction of forests affects the symbiotic fungi that aid plant growth. It is possible to repair degraded soil by increasing the diversity of plants and inoculating barren soil with healthy earth.

Economic development

The book explores the economic growth records of the East Asian economies, and puts them in historical and theoretic context. It describes policies that promote sustained growth, and evaluates the policy packages of Korea and China, and assesses the major debates in development economics. It also looks at the historical development of the two regions and the challenges they face. It concludes with a discussion of the implications of the financial crisis for future development.

Government regulations

While there are some obvious benefits to stringent environmental regulations, the debate continues as to whether these policies reduce competitiveness. The Porter hypothesis, for example, contends that increased environmental regulations lead to improved firm performance. Environmental regulations lead to increased investment in pollution-saving technologies, which in turn can offset compliance costs. This outcome may occur if cleaner technologies lead to higher productivity and increased input savings, which in turn can offset regulatory costs and improve export performance.