GovTech’s Top Doers and Dreamers for 2019

The Enterprise Sales Director is a critical member of the enterprise sales team. They drive strategic sales cycles and close pivotal deals with high-growth accounts. The Enterprise Sales Director is a key member of a highly motivated team, and they are the voice of the Box brand to diverse industries. They are responsible for ensuring that the Box message is delivered in the most efficient and effective manner. To learn more about the Enterprise Sales Director role, read this article.

Dr. Barbara Box

After graduating from Mount Mercy College in Pittsburgh, Pa., she went on to earn advanced degrees in nursing from the University of Oklahoma State University. She has served as the director of nursing at Tulsa Junior College and Missouri Southern State University, where she helped transition the nursing program from the associate’s to the baccalaureate level. She has also held various positions with the National League of Nursing.

In 2006, Boxer moved from Greenbrae to Rancho Mirage. She published her first novel, “The Big Squeeze,” by Chronicle Books in 2005 and released her second novel in July 2009. She was a Marin County supervisor when she was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1982. Her campaign slogan was “Barbara Boxer Gives a Dam.” She served as the district’s 6th congressional district for five terms and never dropped below 67 percent in a presidential election.

Dr. Murtaza Masood

Dr. Murtaza Masood is a business leader and innovator with a background in both the private and public sectors. He is one of GovTech’s top doers and dreamers for 2019. In his role, he helps public sector CIOs realize their digital strategies by driving innovation. He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences. Read his biography to learn more. The following are a few quotes from Dr. Murtaza Masood.

“Box provides organizations with built-in security capabilities to help meet stringent government cybersecurity policy requirements.” Among the many security features Box offers, strong user authentication, device trust, AES 256-bit encryption, customer managed encryption keys, and vector-based watermarking reduce accidental data leakage and intentionally-created threats. By enabling the secure exchange of files, Box’s mission-critical content is protected.

DASR members included the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, and Deans of Arts and Sciences. The Associate Dean for Health Sciences and Chief Librarian were also present at the meeting. The DASR has already been tasked with determining whether or not the university’s policies and procedures are up to par. Dr. Murtaza Masood has also asked HEC to take action against those who falsely claim Dr. Nakshab is an internationally renowned author.

Dr. Cathy Connor

As a young man, Evan is a fan of music. He learns that Connor had a special talent for composing and playing it in rehab. To help him move on from his past, Evan tries to reconnect with old friends and make a new start in his life. This journey takes Evan through his journey to self-discovery. The film stars Ben Platt as Evan Hansen, Kaitlyn Dever as Zoe Murphy, and Amandla Stenberg as Alana Beck.

As a young man, Evan faces many challenges. He develops anxiety and depression, which prevents him from making important decisions. However, he works to overcome these obstacles by completing his therapy and reopening his orchard. During the first assembly of the Connor Project, Evan delivers a speech about his orchard story. The speech becomes viral, inspiring other teens suffering from mental illness. When the speech is made public, the Murphys’ reaction is overwhelming.