Grant Money For Restaurants From the Application For Disaster Support Fund

Those looking for grant money for restaurants suffering from natural disasters should check out the Application for Disaster Support Fund. This fund is designed to reimburse businesses for actual expenses resulting from disasters. This fund only reimburses businesses for expenses that occur within 12 months of the disaster declaration. Applicants are notified during the week of July 18.

EEAF reimburses actual expenses arising from qualified events

EEAF awards grants to nonprofit organizations for the reimbursement of actual expenses incurred during a disaster or emergency. These funds are considered non-taxable income and are not loans that must be repaid. A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, America’s Charities, independently evaluates applications. Eligibility for an EEAF grant depends on the need for funding and the severity of the disaster or emergency.

Home Building Industry Disaster Relief Fund

To aid areas affected by natural disasters, the Home Building Industry Disaster Relief Fund was created. This recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization makes donations to other recognized charities. While the fund’s primary focus is shelter, you can use the funds to assist individuals in need of basic needs such as water, food, and other necessities. Interested charities should contact their local home builders association. To qualify, organizations must be affiliated with NAHB.

Other organizations and programs that help those impacted by natural disasters are the HOME BUILDERS INSTITUTE, LOUISIANA HOMEBUILDERS DISASTER RELIEF FUND, and ROCK COUNTY UNITED WAY’S LONG TERM FLOOD RECOVERY FUND. The Louisiana Home Builders Disaster Relief Fund helped New Orleans residents rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Other groups that helped rebuild homes in Iowa following Hurricane Katrina included the LUTHERAN SOCIETY OF WESTERN UNITED STATE RESPONSE.

Academy Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

When it comes to addressing disaster relief, the Academy Foundation Disaster Relief Fund is a great way to support the efforts of people across the country who are trying to rebuild their lives. The disaster relief program is divided into two different categories: the Life Rebuilding fund and the CDR Professional Rebuilding fund. Each category is designed to assist those who need financial assistance due to natural or human-caused disasters. To be eligible to receive support, disaster victims must have suffered a substantial loss in income, property, or livelihood due to the disaster.

The Emergency Gap Fund for Black Working Artists, based in Philadelphia, PA, disburses $500 grants to artists and arts professionals in the city. However, the fund is closed for new applications. Alternatively, applicants in Arizona can apply for the Emergency Relief Fund for Artists and Arts Professionals. Both funds provide emergency aid for artists and arts professionals affected by disasters. Both funds provide funding for canceled events, residencies, and productions.

Southern Smoke’s Emergency Relief Fund

The food and beverage industry is in need of help and support during difficult times, and the emergency relief fund from Southern Smoke provides that. This nonprofit foundation was created in 2015 by James Beard Award winner Chris Shepherd to help Houston’s food and beverage industry and its suppliers. To date, the Southern Smoke Foundation has donated more than $2.8 million to nonprofit organizations representing the needs of the industry, including the National MS Society.

The Southern Smoke Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund provides financial support to restaurant and bar owners and their suppliers. The foundation’s website also lists helpful resources. To apply, applicants must be employed in the food and beverage industry for at least six months and work 30 hours per week. A successful application will be reviewed by the foundation’s staff. The funds can help restaurant and bar owners deal with sudden financial difficulties, such as losing their jobs.