Gurumi Launches Non-Face-To-Face Voucher Business


If you’re looking for an innovative way to sell gift cards, consider a non-face-to-face voucher business. Gurumi has launched a product that will help you get started quickly with your own non-face-to-face business. Homepiece, for example, is offering its video platform to non-face-to-face business owners. Both companies will supply the products and will give you access to the videos that they have created.

Gurumi is a non-face-to-face service voucher business

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups is the host of the K-non-face-to-face service voucher business. The program allows entrepreneurs to introduce their service by giving away vouchers worth 70% of the service fee. They can also configure additional support for up to 12 months. Gurumi is a leading on-contact video platform that has been used by more than 1,000 domestic institutions and companies.

The service provider, Gurumi, provides classrooms online to students and teachers in 17 metropolitan education offices across the country. In addition, the service is used by the army headquarters and the Naval Academy. The company has raised two rounds of investment and received seed funding worth 600 million won from BTC Investment. In August 2020, it plans to raise pre-A financing worth 2 billion won from investors.
Homepiece All-in-One Pack is a non-face-to-face service voucher business

The All-in-One Pack is a package that offers several related solutions. The company targets small and medium-sized venture companies in Korea, and is targeted at people who do not wish to engage in face-to-face work. Homepiece offers this special package to people who do not want to interact with customers in person. This package supports 90% of the cost up to 4 million won.

Gurumi’s video platform

The K-non-face-to-face voucher business is being promoted as Korea’s version of the New Deal program. Using Gurumi’s video platform, customers can pay 10% of the total amount of self-payment for a service in exchange for vouchers. The government is supporting the non-face-to-face voucher business by providing 70% support of the service fee up to 2 million won. The video platform also includes up to 12 months of additional support.

Before the COVID-19 spread across the country, most domestic video conferencing solutions were foreign-made. After COVID-19 spread, the number of domestic video conferencing products increased, especially in public institutions. But despite the rise in the number of domestic video conferencing users, foreign products continue to dominate the market. These include Zoom Video Communications ‘Zoom,’ Cisco ‘Webex’, Microsoft ‘Teams’, and Gurumi ‘Gurumi Biz’.