Health Checkup Centers in India


The Health Checkup Center is equipped with four separate examination rooms and 4,570 square meters of space for health checkups. The centers are separated according to gender to ensure patient privacy and comfort. The smooth, non-stop facilities allow doctors to perform several examinations in one location. Inpatient facilities are available for patients requiring an extended health checkup. The facility collaborates with other departments to ensure the best possible care for patients. The Center offers same-day courses on all days except Sundays.

Indus Health Plus

Indus is India’s leading healthcare brand and is committed to providing affordable, high-quality preventive healthcare services. The health checkup packages it offers are based on the latest diagnostics and use advanced machinery. The packages are suitable for both men and women of all ages and genders. The Indus Health Plus Health Checkup Center has over 7 lakh patients who have been treated by its doctors. Here are some of the main reasons why you should visit an Indus Health Plus Health Checkup Center:

The Indus package is designed for the whole family and includes a huge range of diagnostic tests, counseling, and reports on the same day. The price of these packages is around one-third of what they are typically offered in the market. Customers also receive substantial discounts on medical care and diagnostic facilities. The Indus health checkup center also offers a free DNAwise genetic test for those who want to find out more about their family’s health.
Matrix Diagnostics

Matrix Diagnostics Health Checkup Center in Hyderabad offers comprehensive health checkup services, including complete body exams, to all patients. The company provides comprehensive healthcare to individuals and employers, offering affordable pathology test packages. The company also accepts multiple payment methods for its services. In addition to the services offered at its health checkup centers, Matrix offers a variety of health screening products. Here are some of the benefits of a Matrix health checkup.

With over 12 years of experience in the diagnostic industry, Matrix Diagnostics is one of the leading health checkup centers in Hyderabad. Its top-notch service and convenient hours make it an ideal choice for patients. You can get a full screening here at their numerous Hyderabad branches. And if you’re wondering what kinds of tests are offered, Matrix is here to help! From a blood test to an electrocardiogram, Matrix Diagnostics Hyderabad can help you determine your condition.
Ningen Dock

The name “Ningen Dock” refers to a private medical checkup center, first developed in Japan to detect health risks at the earliest stage. This comprehensive examination includes physical examination, urine tests, chest x-ray, barium gastrography, electrocardiogram and urine screening. Several programs are available, including full-day comprehensive packages. The full-day Comprehensive Ningen Dock Health Checkup program includes MRI brain scan, 320 Multi-Slice heart and lung CT scan, colonoscopic examination, and other tests.

The Ningen Dock Health Checkup Center is an excellent choice for foreigners. However, it is not covered by national health insurance. The ningen dock program costs approximately 50,000 yen and is conducted by doctors who speak English. The following hospitals offer Ningen Dock services in English. The rules for this checkup center are similar to those of Ippan Kenshin, but are more comprehensive.

iKang Guobin

iKang is an integrated medical network in China with 115 self-owned centers and over 400 third-party facilities. Its medical checkup centers provide quality healthcare and preventative services to both individuals and corporations. Its customer base includes corporate clients who contract with the company to receive medical examination services at discounted rates, and individual customers. The medical network has branches across China. This article will describe how each of these branches operates.

iKang Guobin Health Check Up Centers are located in Shenzhen, Shenyang, and Guangzhou. Beijing iKang Guobin Health Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen iKang Guobin Ruikang Clinic, and Chengdu Qingyang iKang Guobin Luomashi Clinic are located in the city of Shenzhen. Other branches are located in Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Mianyang.


The NCGM Health Checkup Center is a new concept in the United States. The Center is a partnership with Neuberg Diagnostics, the first lab chain of Indian origin in the United States with CLIA-certified operations. As of October 2017, NCGM has introduced new genome-scale testing including COVID-19 molecular testing to detect active SARS and CoV-2 virus infections. The Center also offers Exome Sequencing that can be applied to a wide variety of rare genetic diseases.

Huajian Health Checkup Management Co., Ltd. was founded during the socialization reform of logistics in colleges in Shanghai. The company is a professional health checkup center with extensive medical resources and a medical college. The company also provides after-checkup health management services to ensure its patients’ health. By establishing a joint venture with NCGM, Huajian will be able to fully leverage the advantages of iKang Guobin’s extensive health checkup network and mature client service system. The merger of two top-tier health management companies will also help Huajian to create a valuable middle and high-end checkup brand.

Shanghai Health

Getting regular health checkups is vital for your overall well-being and is an essential part of obtaining a work visa. Health screenings help detect health issues before they develop, improving your chances of cure and treatment. You can visit a health checkup center in Shanghai by searching the directory to find one that fits your budget and your needs. A health checkup in Shanghai can be a lifesaving investment, so don’t delay your visit.

There are three main health checkup centers in Shanghai. These are the Lujiazui Flagship Center, Huaihai Center, and Jinqiao Center. Huajian is an outstanding professional health checkup organization that specializes in the provision of high-quality health checkup services. The Jinqiao Center was one of the first health checkup organizations in Shanghai. It is devoted to providing top-quality health checkup service to its customers, which has helped it become a valuable middle-to-high-end health checkup brand.