How Does Mark Gurman Balance His Dual Career?


If you’ve been following technology news for any length of time, you’ve likely come across Mark Gurman. His work has ranged from early blogging days to His recent report on iOS 16. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered how Mark Gurman is able to balance his dual career. In this article, we’ll discuss Gurman’s background and his recent work for 9to5Mac. Hopefully, you’ll find the information useful.

Mark Gurman’s career as a tech journalist

The high school dropout from Los Angeles is now one of the top-paid tech journalists in the country. Josh Gurman first became aware of Apple’s products when he woke up one morning to a missed call. He then sent a text message to his source, who revealed information on the iPhone 4S and Siri. The article quickly went viral and landed Gurman a job at TechCrunch.

As the first journalist in the industry to write about Apple products, Gurman has become a famous source of inside information. He will continue to write about Apple even after his move to Bloomberg. He started producing Apple scoops at a young age, and has honed his craft as an industry insider. Here’s a look at what his career has entailed. While you’re browsing his profile, you can sign up for notifications about his new podcast credits.
His early experiences as a blogger

For all of his success in the blogging world, Gurman owes a lot to his early experiences as a blogger. He is a good reporter. He goes out of his way to track down sources, scan documents, and make sense of complex information. His reporting skills are the foundation of any good writer. While he has no journalism degree, Gurman’s background in technology has proven invaluable.

Since kicking off his writing career at the end of 2009, Mark Gurman has honed his skills as a tech blogger. His early coverage on Apple has earned him accolades for breaking news on the company’s latest products. He has scooped the iPhone 5 and iPad Pro 9.7 inch, the Apple Watch, the Apple Maps service, and scores of MacBooks. In 2013, Gurman reported on Apple’s plans to kill iTunes. Throughout the years, he has remained a valuable source for news about the technology industry.

His work for 9to5Mac

If you’re an Apple fan, you’re probably interested in what Mark Gurman’s upcoming departure means for the industry. Mark has been one of the world’s best reporters since he started writing about the company when he was just 15 years old. He broke numerous stories about Apple products, including Siri. And now that he’s leaving 9to5Mac, he’ll move on to cover consumer products at Bloomberg.

While many of the people who frequent the Apple news site will be disappointed to hear Gurman is leaving, the fact that he’s leaving is a testament to the quality of his work. During his first year at 9to5Mac, he found Apple domains before the company’s announcement of the iPad. He passed this information on to different Apple news blogs. Seth Weintraub then granted him an internship at the site and the rest is history. Gurman’s work on 9to5Mac includes in-depth reports on iOS 16’s new features and capabilities.

His report on iOS 16

A respected analyst has spilled the beans about iOS 16, predicting that the update will include widget-like notifications and lock screen improvements. Apple has yet to announce the details of the new update, but rumors are already circulating. Gurman says the new update may introduce a revamped lock screen and update first-party apps. He also suggests that users may be able to use Messages in a social network-like fashion.

As for the new iPad, iOS 16 could bring multitasking support and resizable app windows. This feature would allow users to open multiple apps at once, similar to what is possible on macOS and Windows. Other features that Apple has promised include major changes to watchOS, which could improve navigation and day-to-day operations. Gurman also speculates that Apple will introduce a low-battery mode for the Apple Watch.
His expectations for new Apple services

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has outlined his expectations for new Apple services for this year. He predicts that Apple will launch an improved Lock Screen with iOS 16, introduce smart home features in tvOS 16, and redesign its apps on macOS. In addition to these new services, Apple plans to make improvements to its hardware. He believes that Apple will launch Apple Pay in 2022 or 2023, with a planned launch date of sometime in 2023.

Besides the iPhone XR, Mark Gurman has other predictions for Apple’s new products. The upcoming Apple WWDC 2022 could also see the company launch an AR/VR headset. The tech giant hasn’t settled on a streaming-first strategy yet, but it has been planning new products and services for the future. Mark Gurman’s predictions include Apple TV, new Apple services, and new products, such as the iPad Pro.