How iOS 15.4 Beta Works


After a year of wait, Apple finally released iOS 15.4 for iPhone and iPad. In this new version of the iOS operating system, the company has added several new features, such as Face ID with a mask, Universal Control, and contactless tap-to-pay. You can download this new update over the air to your device. There is also a Personalized notification summary, new key types in the Wallet app, and support for Emoji 14.

Personalized notification summary

The Personalized Notification Summary in iOS 15.4 beta reduces the number of distracting notifications in your iPhone, making them easier to read. The notification summary is updated twice daily, at 8am and 6pm local time. It shows notifications from Mail, Facebook, and various other apps. You can mute an active messaging thread to see only the most important notifications. But before you switch it on, you should understand how this feature works.

Personalized Notification Summary for iOS 15.4 beta lets you customize your notification summary. You can change when the summary appears, choose which apps appear in it, and choose whether you want to show them all at once or just a selected few. You can also toggle apps separately or in batches. If you have more than a dozen notifications a day, you can choose which ones to receive notifications silently or immediately. You can sort the apps by their average number of notifications per day, A-Z, or the number of notifications received on a daily basis.
Wallet app adds support for new key types

Apple has reportedly been working to make the Wallet app more comprehensive. The new version is expected to include a number of useful features, such as the ability to store driver’s licenses. In its iOS 15.4 beta, the company resurfaced a reference to this new feature. This new version of the app will let you store your IDs on your iPhone, which is useful for storing IDs in the event that you misplace them.

The Wallet app will now support new types of keys. Apple has not announced when this will be available, but we can expect it to arrive in the fall. The updated app will also feature a redesigned place card and Guides Home, which feature editorially curated information. And we’re just getting started. What’s more, we’re expecting this feature to become more widely available in the near future.

Ability to disable Auto Macro

Users of the iPhone 13 Pro or the iPhone 13 Max will be able to disable the automatic switch to macro mode in the Camera app. The toggle can be found under the camera settings menu. Disabling the feature means that users will have to manually switch to macro mode when they are close to their subject. To enable macro mode, users must zoom to 0.5x, get closer to the subject, and tap the subject’s face to focus.

Apple acknowledged the issue and promised to implement a solution in the Camera update. For users of the iPhone 13 Pro, the ability to turn off Auto Macro is a welcome change. It will save the camera app from performing unnecessary lens switching while taking pictures. This feature was added to iOS 15 for iPhones running the new beta version. In addition, users can turn off the Auto Macro feature in iOS 15.4 beta.

Support for Emoji 14

iOS 15.4 beta is set to release later this spring and includes support for Emoji 14. The new set of emojis includes 37 new types and variations, including the newly-released Handshake and dead lips emojis. The update also adds support for Card Hands, a new way to express emotions with your hands, and 75 new characters. The update is a major step forward for the future of emoji on iOS.

In addition to the new emoji, iOS 15.4 beta offers a few other changes. You can switch between Apple’s iOS versions by switching between beta builds. Universal Control is enabled by default in iOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3. You can use the keyboard and trackpad of your MacBook on your iPad without having to buy special software for it. Support for Emoji 14 also introduces 37 new emoji, including a variety of skin tones.

Support for AR and VR headsets

Apple is gearing up to launch its first-ever VR/AR headset device with its iOS 15.4 beta update. While Apple typically attaches high value to secrecy, the company has in the past revealed some key details through official content. This time, they revealed that the beta will support WebXR, a technology used to develop AR/VR content for the web. While the company has yet to announce the exact date for the launch of the VR/AR headset, the new feature looks like it could make it a real possibility.

Apple has also released developer APIs for the Apple AR and VR headset, though it isn’t working with iOS by default. This might be a hint that Apple is planning to support the AR/VR headsets on its own devices in the future. Another exciting feature of the new iOS 15.4 beta is better support for progressive web applications. Progressive web apps are apps that are installed on the home screen. They also support default icons and show signs of push notifications.