How Powerlinks Can Benefit Your Business

Powerlinks is an open technology platform that manages content discovery, recommendation, in-content advertising, and delivery for native advertising. Powerlinks customers span various industries, including Publishing, Broadcast Media, Computer Software, and Newspapers. More than three-quarters of these customers are based in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Learn more about how Powerlinks can benefit your business. To learn more, check out the company’s website.

SRAM PowerLinks

Shimano bikes can be equipped with SRAM PowerLinks, or similar quick links, for easy installation. These connections are designed to fit the same number of speeds as Shimano chains. However, wide quick links can be problematic, as they are difficult to install and secure properly. Also, bicycle chains vary in width as the number of speeds increases. The narrower the chain, the more compatible SRAM PowerLinks are. However, many people do not have the knowledge to install these links properly, so they often use the quick-release versions.

A quick-release master link, also called a “PowerLink,” is a tool-free device that comes standard on most SRAM bikes. It can be easily removed without tools and is compatible with seven, eight, and nine-speed chains. On a 10 speed bike, however, SRAM recommends replacing the master link every time the chain is removed. This prevents damage to the chain and can prevent a broken chain.

SRAM PowerLocks

SRAM has improved its chain-locking system by adding a new link called the PowerLock. This product connects your 10-speed chain securely and is tool-free. The chain-locking system doesn’t require any special tools to install and is strong enough to last the life of your chain. This link is also reusable. To buy one, visit a local bike shop. Some bike retailers also offer these links on the internet.

SRAM’s latest PowerLocks feature a unique connecting link called the “PowerLock,” which is the only tool-less way to attach a chain. PowerLocks are sold in packs of four and can be removed and inspected by a bike mechanic or professional. The chain can be replaced with a new Master Link, which you can purchase from KMC or Wipperman. If your chain is not yet free, you can unlock the PowerLock yourself using a little elbow grease and some expletives. However, the best tool for unlocking the PowerLock is a tool called the Park Tool MPL-1.

SRAM CompactCom 40-series

HMS Industrial Networks’ Anybus CompactCom 40-series powerlinks enable multi-network connectivity through a single development project. This flexible solution offers users the freedom to choose their desired level of integration, whether it is for one form factor or several. The company’s CompactCom technology is based on an award-winning NP40 network processor. This technology enables fast and reliable communication between a host device and the network, and supports up to 1500 bytes of process data in each direction.

The company offers three compactCom 40-series powerlinks: NP40 (Near Fieldbus), LP-Link, and CANopen. All three feature a single software interface. CompactCom modules support PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and Ethernet POWERLINK protocols. HMS offers an Ethernet-to-EtherNet (PoE) based CompactCom module.

Energex transitional charges

The Energex tariffs are based on forecast amounts and kVA-based demand charges. They are also calculated using standard control services tariff classes and forecast quantities. In other words, consumers in SE Queensland will see a significant increase in their bills. This tariff is already in effect in Victoria and SA and is likely to be applied by Energex through retailers in secrecy. It also applies to consumers who have recently changed their electricity meters. In other words, it affects everyone with a smart meter.