How to Adjust the Direction Key

If you’re new to a game or simply want to learn how to control the direction keys on a video game, this article is for you. The information contained herein is meant to help you master the arrow-key shortcuts for fine-tuning your controls. Whether you’re using the Align menu or toolbar, arrow controls will help you move selected controls one cell or pixel at a time.

Shift Z Ctrl X

If you are in the middle of editing text, you can undo any changes made by pressing the Shift-Z or Ctrl-Y keys. If you need to undo multiple changes, press Shift-Y or Ctrl-Z multiple times. To redo your last undo, press Shift-Y. You can also press Shift-Z or Ctrl-Y multiple times to make the change five times slower.

Shift Z

The Shift key allows you to use the entire set of direction keys in a game. It is also used to change the direction in computer games. The Shift key has special functions in some applications. In image-editing programs, for example, pressing the Shift key ensures symmetry when selecting objects in an image. In word-processing programs, you can hold down Shift while pressing the arrow keys to select a portion of text. In Windows File Explorer, you can use Shift to select a portion of the space between two files.

Shift Y

The Shift key is used to adjust direction, and sometimes other special functions are defined by software applications. For example, in image-editing programs, the Shift key ensures symmetry when selecting objects in images. Similarly, in word processors, it can be used to select a section of text while holding the arrow keys down. Windows File Explorer also allows you to select a portion of text between two files, and the Y key can be used to change the direction of the selected area.