How to Be Secure and Comfortable Around Other People

If you’re not comfortable, you’re not secure. Comfort is not an escape from hardship. Being comfortable isn’t the same as being secure around other people. So how do you feel comfortable around other people? Read on to find out how to feel more comfortable in different situations. This article also discusses the importance of feeling safe. Read on to learn about the different ways you can feel secure around other people. It can be a real challenge to feel comfortable around others.


You may be surrounded by people who make you uncomfortable. These people may have competing agendas or power imbalances. Others may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome, a condition that affects approximately 70% of the population. In this syndrome, people worry that they will ‘be found out’ or look incompetent. Imposter Syndrome sufferers often exaggerate their abilities, which makes it difficult to break out of this mindset.

The word “uncomfortable” is derived from two prefixes – un-, which means “not” and comfortable, which means “affording comfort”. Being uncomfortable can also be caused by tense situations or inappropriate remarks from others. If you’re experiencing discomfort, it’s important to remember that it’s normal and can even help you become more comfortable. Listed below are some of the most common reasons people feel uncomfortably uncomfortable.

Secure around people

The key to being secure around other people is to know when you have enough of them. Secure people are confident enough to know when they have enough friends, and they know when they don’t need to share everything with everyone. They also don’t brag or gloat about their accomplishments; they treat everyone with respect. They can’t be friends with everyone. People who are secure are comfortable with their individuality, and they don’t feel the need to tell everyone everything they do.

If you have ever been insecure around other people, you may feel tempted to tell them about your ballet classes or the fourteen back handsprings you can do in a row. A secure person, however, wouldn’t say that they were the lead in the nutcracker for five years; instead, they would say that they and their partner are both passionate about dancing. A secure person knows when to groom themselves, and they don’t worry about people remarking on their lack of singing skills.