How to Build a Website With WordPress

If you’re looking to build a website and you’ve chosen WordPress as your platform, then you’re in the right place! This article will take you through the basic features of WordPress, including Customizable themes, Plugins, Performance, Security, and more! Once you’ve done that, let’s look at how you can customize your theme and plugins to make your website more unique and effective. And don’t forget to check out our WordPress tutorial series for more helpful tips!

Customizable themes

If you are planning to make your own website, one of the best options is to use a customizable WordPress theme. Customizable themes give you the opportunity to add all sorts of features to your site. You can use more than 100 pre-designed blocks for a variety of purposes. You can use overlaying text, buttons, and stylish animations to spice up your site. You can also choose from a variety of fonts and color variations to suit your style.


There are many benefits of Plugins for WordPress. For example, they enhance contact forms, create beautiful sliders, or perform various functions. Some make the process of opting in to email lists easy. Other plugins make changes to the front end of the site, while others make site maintenance easier for site owners. They might scan for broken links, put the site into maintenance mode, or backup the data. Whether or not you need the functionality of a specific plugin depends on the needs of the site.


How can you increase the Performance of WordPress? There are a few factors you can control that will help to boost the speed of your WordPress site. The first of these is the number of external scripts installed on your site. These add unnecessary data to your loading time. Examples include tracking tools, commenting systems, and Google Webmaster Tools. Moreover, you can try disabling these external scripts by using WP Rocket or Heartbeat Control.


Ensure that your WordPress website is secure by following a few basic steps. Hackers will either attack individual sites or clusters of websites with similar vulnerabilities. In both cases, it’s important to protect yourself by updating the WordPress core application as soon as a security fix becomes available. A basic WordPress security measure includes reinstalling free plugins, forcing password resets, and logging out all users. Listed below are some tips to keep your WordPress website secure.

Open-source license

The Open-source license for WordPress is a good choice for those who want to use WordPress on their website. GPL is the most common open source license. WordPress and any plugin or theme built on it must have a GPL v2 or compatible license. GPL licenses allow users to modify, distribute, and build on their software without requiring permission from the developer. Users can also use these licenses to create derivative works.