How to Choose a Marriage Agency


There are some important things to look for in a marriage bureau. It should be professional, communicative, and helpful. Most importantly, it should suggest perfect matches that match your expectations. The bureau must be registered. A good one should also be affordable and will be available at your convenience. Below are some tips to choose a marriage bureau. Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of using a marriage agency. Also, make sure that your chosen marriage bureau is registered and legitimate.

Rules for using a marriage agency

If you are looking for a wife or a husband abroad, using a marriage agency might be a good option. However, there are several rules that you need to follow in order to ensure that you get the most from your marriage agency. First, you should look at the testimonials provided by past clients. Whether they are positive or negative, these references should be available for you to read. The agency you choose should also provide you with glowing references.

Secondly, be sure to talk to the owner of the agency. Make sure to ask about the success rate and reputation of the agency. If there are any complaints about the agency, you should avoid using it. Most of the international marriage agencies are merely resellers, franchises, and marketing middlemen. These agencies use other independent foreign marriage agencies’ database. This causes additional delays and miscommunications. To avoid such issues, deal with a trusted source. Also, ensure that the marriage agency is objective.
Online dating sites vs. traditional marriage agencies

Traditional marriage agencies are a way to meet people, and online dating services work differently. Generally, you are matched with others from the same area as you, which might be your school or a party or a friend. The difference is that online dating services have a global membership base and can search specific areas. These sites are more targeted, however, and therefore have a much larger database of potential matches.

The results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago showed that marriages formed online tended to last longer than those that were formed offline. While only 6 percent of online marriages ended in divorce, those that ended in a breakup were far more likely to be satisfied with their marriage. And online marriages have fewer problems than offline ones. Even after controlling for demographic factors, marriages formed online are more likely to last.