How to Choose an Interior Architect

What is interior architecture? Simply put, interior architecture is the process of designing a home or building from the inside out. These architects are skilled in designing the inside of a fixed residence and creating a new atmosphere within it. Listed below are some important tips to remember when choosing an interior architect. Keep reading to learn more! Posted on May 16, 2016 by admin

Before designing an interior plan, an architect must study the environment of the space and assess the viability of the idea. While many architects sketch their initial ideas by hand, the majority of them will use computer-aided design applications, such as drafting or building information modeling (BIM). An interior plan will reflect both the aesthetic and structural aspects of the design. It will also show the flow of traffic in the space. Interior architects will be skilled at blending different design styles.

Taking college courses to prepare for a career in interior architecture is a crucial first step. While it is possible to gain a job as an interior architect as an apprentice, you will have to compete with equally talented graduates who already have the experience and the education. A bachelor’s degree in architecture is usually required for a career in this field. The course requires students to gain a fundamental understanding of architecture and construction methods. Afterwards, they may choose to pursue a master’s degree to further their education and become even more qualified for more senior positions.

The education required to become an interior architect varies, depending on the field. Most interior designers must have a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture, although many opt to pursue master’s degrees. The best degree programs are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Internship programs generally last three years and include experience working with contractors and clients. During the internship, students gain valuable experience and practice, which may be essential for the profession.

The field of interior architecture is a highly specialized branch of architecture, which draws on both art and science to create unique spaces. Interior architecture can include the creation of new interiors, restoration of existing interiors, and readapting existing structures. It can also include the redesigning of spaces to make them more functional or attractive. It can also involve converting a space from one type to another, such as a former office space into a housing unit.

Eco-friendly design is an increasingly important consideration in interior architecture. Many of today’s top firms incorporate environmentally sustainable design practices into their work. For example, Ensamble Studio uses innovative materials to create dramatic interiors. 64North designs websites and produces products to complement its architecture. And Architecture Is Fun creates playful, creative designs that often work with museums for children. The firm won the AIA Chicago 2017 Firm of the Year award.