How to Clean the Air Conditioner

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is an essential part of home maintenance. If it runs poorly or leaves you uncomfortable, you should have a professional inspect and clean the evaporator coil. The coil is found in the main duct or plenum near the furnace. This coil should be cleaned every few years or by a professional. The best way to prevent any bacterial growth is to ensure that the air flowing through the coil is clean.

Condenser coils

A soft brush will get rid of the light dirt and debris on the coils. Use it directly on the coils, and be careful not to damage the fins with wire brushes or hard bristles. You can also use a commercial cleaner or homemade dish detergent. You can use a mild detergent in a spray bottle, and then spray the solution onto the coils. Wait for half an hour, then wipe away the excess solution.

If you have a garden hose, you can spray the condenser coils with the nozzle. Make sure to use a gentle spray, rather than a “Spray” setting. Start from the bottom of the unit, and wash the coils a few inches at a time. Then, move the spray upwards, so that the water can push the dirt out of the fins.

Before beginning, turn off the power source and remove the fuse. This can usually be done outdoors near the air conditioning cabinet. While cleaning the coils, make sure to use less water than you would in other areas of the air conditioner. The coils are made up of hundreds of thin vertical “fins,” and using too much water could damage them. If you are cleaning the coils yourself, make sure to follow the instructions provided in your manual.

Fan blades

Before cleaning the air conditioner’s fan blades, it is important to understand how to clean them. In order to make them look and feel brand new, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth or damp paper towel to wipe them clean. For extra-sticky grime, you can use a degreasing household cleaner. To remove the remaining grime, you can use a clean dry microfiber cloth. To clean the blades on high ceilings, you may want to use an extendable duster.

First, prepare a drop cloth or old sheet to protect furniture. Make sure to spread the cloth at least twice the width of the fan. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a spray bottle of compressed air from an office supply store or home center for a few dollars. Spray the fan blades with this air and wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process until the fan blades are free of dust.

Once you’ve removed the grill, you can open the fan itself. To do this, remove the fan blades from the motor housing by unscrewing the grills and removing them one by one. Be careful not to touch the electronics or motor casing. Once the fan blades are free, you can use a cleaning solution made of hot water mixed with soap or vinegar. Scrub the blades with a clean cloth. Then, rinse the grills under running water to remove any remaining solution.

Electrical unit

The condenser unit has a variety of components that should be cleaned with a soft brush and compressed air. You can also use a commercial condenser coil cleaning solution. When cleaning the unit, you should be careful not to pull any wires or electrical components while you clean it. You can use a soft brush to clean the fan blades and exterior condenser coils. You can also use a household cleaner on the fan blades and coils.

Before attempting to clean the electrical unit of an air conditioner, you must turn off the power to the system. Locate the service panel, which is located on the exterior condenser. There is usually a shut-off box near the unit. Alternatively, you can go to your breaker box to turn off the system. If this is not an option, you can call heating repair McKinney, TX for assistance.