How to Compare Luggage Storage Service Prices

Whether you are traveling for a short trip or you are planning an extended stay, a Luggage Storage service is a great option. Most of these services offer convenient airport shuttles that stop at nearby locations. The prices vary, depending on the type of service and location. Other factors to consider when evaluating prices include the number of pieces of luggage and pick-up/drop-off services. Here are some tips for comparing rates:


There are many ways to save money on luggage storage. Instead of paying the high cost of hotel storage and airports, you can store your luggage at a luggage storage service that charges a flat rate. Some storage facilities charge by the hour, while others charge by the day. In New York, you can find dozens of luggage locker services at a flat rate of $8 per day or $1 per hour. Many also offer security seals for your luggage, making them an especially attractive option.

Most luggage storage facilities charge per bag, and rates are usually calculated based on size and number of items. One service, PhoneAndRecycle, is located on the third floor of a building near the Space Needle. The daily rate is usually between $7 and $10 for a large suitcase, and around $15 to $20 for an oversized suitcase. The facility is open twenty-four hours a day, but you may have to call ahead to make special reservations between 10 pm and 8 am.


Luggage storage is a convenient way to avoid the hassles of traveling, while also saving money on storage fees in new cities. It is not only convenient, but also safer, as it allows you to leave your luggage somewhere else. However, carrying your suitcase or bag increases your chances of losing or stealing it, since you will occasionally put it down somewhere. This provides a perfect opportunity for thieves. There are a number of locations where you can leave your bags while you travel.

Vertoe, for example, is an on-demand luggage storage service that searches for convenient locations close to airports and subway stations. Vertoe offers storage spaces for one or several pieces of luggage at a time, and charges as low as $5.95 per piece. It also provides insurance for your items, and offers secure storage with up to $5,000 of coverage. Vertoe boasts of over 125 locations across New York City and is constantly adding more. They have locations at most major transit points, so it’s easy to find one that will accommodate your needs.

Hourly rates

Whether you need your luggage stored for a day, week, or month, it is important to know how much these services will cost you. Hourly rates for luggage storage services vary greatly depending on the size of the bag, so it is crucial to know the exact price before booking. You can find a luggage storage facility near you by searching online for reviews. Check out what past customers have to say about the company you are considering, and choose the one that best meets your needs.

A number of travel services provide luggage storage services throughout the city. For example, Schwarz Travel is located near Times Square and charges $2 per item per hour. The service also has locations in New York, including Fifth Avenue, the world’s most famous shopping street. If you don’t have time to make an online reservation, you can choose to pay by the hour, day, or month. However, you must consider the security of your items and choose an option that offers insurance.

Pick-up/drop-off services

Luggage storage services are available in many cities. Many are located in city centers that are easy to walk to and have a plentiful supply of vacation rentals. Some also offer drop-off and pick-up services. In order to find a service that suits your needs, you can read reviews on sites like or read user-submitted reviews on Google. Check out the rates and availability for each location before booking.

Pick-up/drop-off services are another way to save money. Some businesses offer this service, and others offer a lower rate than Airbnb does. In New York, CBH Luggage Storage charges anywhere from $10 to $15 per day. The company charges a flat daily rate for small and large bags and insures your luggage for up to three thousand dollars. For more convenience, CBH Luggage Storage offers after-hours drop-off services for travelers.


When traveling to Japan, there are many ways to store your luggage, including using a luggage storage service. Some companies have their own facilities, while others use dozens of small businesses across the country. Regardless of your preferred method of payment, a luggage storage service can save you both time and money. The fees charged for storing your bag can vary depending on the type of service you need and the size of your bag. Some services charge a flat daily fee, while others charge a daily fee.