How to Create a Neat Room

With a neat room, you can have more than just a nice office. It will also allow you to have your very own home office! Neat rooms are more than just a huddle of desks and desk chairs – they can also be your focus room. Whether you want to hold a meeting with clients or just have a focus room at your home, Neat has everything you need. Here are some great ways to make your room look neat and organized.

Neat Board

Designed to make meeting rooms more effective and efficient, the Neat Board packs powerful collaboration technology into an elegant all-in-one design. With its advanced microphone array and Microsoft Teams capabilities, the Neat Board eliminates background noise and double talk while improving audio quality. Neat Audio Processing eliminates background noise and maximizes tonal range, ensuring clear and natural conversations. Neat Board features an integrated tweeter that minimizes cable clutter and is optimized for audio sharing.

Neat Bar

The Neat Bar is a multifunctional meeting room speaker. It features an innovative speaker design that minimizes distortion and maximizes tonal range. Its opposing speaker drivers cancel out vibration and provide stable images. Moreover, the unit features a dedicated tweeter and supports both HDMI and analog connections. This compact and versatile audio solution is easy to install in a neat room and is compatible with a variety of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Neat Pad

A Neat Room is a modern meeting space that includes a touchscreen and an audio/video camera. With Neat, you can use the screen as a Zoom Rooms controller or a scheduling display for any meeting room. This sleek, modern device is always powered and seamlessly blends in with any environment. It provides twice the elegance of traditional AV equipment while also making it easy to use. It comes with a range of useful features that make it a fantastic addition to any work space.

Neat Symmetry

By using symmetry to create balance and calm in your interior design scheme, you’ll also be able to make small spaces appear larger. One of the most effective ways to use symmetry in a room is to add an architectural feature, such as a fireplace surround or pair of identical windows. Alternatively, you can create a non-symmetrical room by adding a patterned area rug or headboard. Depending on the room size and style, you can also choose different colors for the walls.

Neat Sense

The Neat Sense feature in a neat room monitors a number of different variables, including air quality, humidity, CO2 and people count. These sensors also help to manage the meeting space itself, and can alert users to problems that could slow down meetings. These sensors also help companies to offer significant health benefits to their employees. This includes the reduction of flu viruses, as poor indoor humidity can cause the spread of the disease.

Neat Symmetry is a new feature in the meeting room

The latest video smart room technology, Neat Symmetry, zooms into each person in the meeting room and presents them on remote screens. The system is simple to use and setup, and combines advanced artificial intelligence with a high-resolution sensor. It automatically balances the main speaker and captures subtle facial expressions, body gestures, and other human elements. As a result, it gives remote participants a clear view of the meeting room.

Neat Pad’s touchscreen

The Neat Pad is a sleek 8″ meeting-room touch controller that also works as a scheduling display. It features a sleek design and the optimal screen angle to blend in anywhere. With its power over Ethernet (PoE) cable, it will never run out of battery. Neat Pad is also compatible with third-party Zoom Rooms systems, ensuring reliable pairing with your devices. You can book the Neat Pad with just a few taps of the touch-screen interface.

Neat Bar’s environmental sensors

Designed for meeting rooms, the Neat Bar’s environmental sensors make it easy to monitor your workspace. This sleek device features a wall-mounted or table-mounted pad that works as a controller. It features optimal screen angle, microphones in the controller, and side indicators. You can use the Neat Bar with an HDMI cable to connect the bar to your screen. To get started, download the Neat Bar application and follow these simple steps to set it up.