How to Create Shortcuts With Siri

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a shortcut, add it to the Home Screen, and change the name. Moreover, you’ll learn how to add a shortcut to a share sheet. Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy the new features of Siri. If not, continue reading to learn how to build a shortcut and share it with your friends. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started.

Create shortcut

If you want to create a shortcut to a folder on your desktop, you can simply right-click the folder and then use the long-tap gesture to choose “Send to”. Then, click on the Desktop icon and choose “Create shortcut”. A new window will open and prompt you to give the shortcut a name. Type a short name, such as “File Explorer”, and you’re good to go.

You can provide multiple intents for a single shortcut, using the Manage multiple intents method in TaskStackBuilder. ShortcutInfo defines the category and capability associated with a shortcut. The CREATE_MESSAGE intent is part of the App Actions built-in intent. It enables spoken commands with Google Assistant. Once set up, a shortcut will appear in the context menu of any message you send or receive.

Add shortcut to Home Screen

Adding a shortcut to the Home Screen is easy and can be done in a few different ways. First, tap the New Shortcut button in the upper-right corner of your screen. Select the app you want to add as your shortcut. You’ll then see the Open App option under the Next Action Suggestions. Next, tap the More button (a blue one with three sliders). From there, you can choose to Add shortcut to Home Screen. In the Add to Home Screen window, enter a name for your shortcut and select an icon for the app. After selecting the icon, you’ll see it appear on your Home Screen.

To add a website to your Home Screen, you must use the Safari app. Chrome does not work with this method. You can also create a shortcut from any web page on your iPad by selecting the Share icon, which is located in the top-right corner of the toolbar. In the Share menu, you’ll see an option that says “Add to Home Screen.” Click the button and an icon will appear on your home screen.

Change shortcut name

Changing the shortcut name is not hard. Just open the Run app on your computer by pressing the Windows key + R or by selecting the Start menu and typing regedit. You will be prompted with a dialog box asking for permission to edit the registry. Click OK. Then, create a folder named “ShortcutNameTemplate” and add the value to the registry as ShortcutNameTemplate. Then, type in a new name for your shortcut, such as “ShortcutNameTemplate”.

To change the name of a shortcut, go to the Shortcuts app and select the My Shortcuts option. Then, type in a new name and hit the return key. Once done, tap the name of the shortcut to change it. After you’ve done this, the shortcut will appear on the screen as an icon. Changing the name of a shortcut saves you time and makes it easier to access later.

Add shortcut to share sheet

To add a shortcut to your Share Sheet, tap the three dotted buttons in the top right corner of the Shortcuts app. You will then see the shortcut editing screen. The icons depict switches, and each switch represents an option you can select for your shortcut. Make sure the switch labeled “Show in Share Sheet” is switched on. Your shortcut will now appear in the Share Sheet, but you can change the order of the items.

Another option is to create a shortcut that extracts files from compressed archives and saves them to iOS document providers. The shortcut will also create a shareable iCloud Mail Drop URL. It will also download the file from the system clipboard and save it in your iCloud Drive or other storage provider. By following these steps, you can create and share your own shortcuts on your Share Sheet. Once you have your own shortcut, make sure you share it with others!

Run shortcuts directly

A major change coming in Apple’s upcoming iOS 15.4 software update relates to the Shortcuts app. The new Shortcuts app will allow you to disable annoying notifications, enabling you to configure personal automations on your devices. The change was first noticed by Fjorden developer Florian Burger on Twitter. The new Shortcuts app also lets you customize the notifications that will pop up when your automations run.

To create a Shortcut, open the Application / Extensions > Shortcuts pane. You will notice a new icon called “Add Keyboard Shortcut.” Clicking on it will automatically tick the boxes for Use as Quick Action and Services Menu. This will bring up a small dialog box. Untick these boxes and click back to get the Add Keyboard Shortcut button back. This method will prevent the Shortcuts app from being accidentally deleted.